Trine And Trine 2 Sell 7 Million Copies, So Here Are Some Modding Tools

While modding isn't for everyone, it's nice to know that some studios are still willing to release tools for their games so players can craft their own content. Frozenbyte is one such developer, having just published editors for Trine and Trine 2, with the cherries on top being a free weekend for both titles on Steam and a sale.

It's probably worth mentioning the series has sold over seven million copies, going by numerous reports. It's not specified which platforms performed the best — the games are available on PC, PS4, the Wii U and Mac, among others.

A blog post on the company's website covers the important details, including links to the editor wiki if you need help getting started, and forum threads for the individual editors.

If you want to grab either game, they're currently discounted by 80 per cent — Trine weighs in at $US2.99, while Trine 2 is $US3.99. However, you can grab both for the slightly cheaper price of $4.99.

Trine & Trine 2 Free Weekend and Editor Release on Steam [Frozenbyte, via AusGamers]


    I actually did just buy them in the Steam sale last night!

    While I don't think I'll make any use of the modding tools, nice to know I can if I want to in the future.

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