Turn Your Cat Into An RPG Character

Turn Your Cat into an RPG Character

If you've ever dreamed of being able to play a cutesy RPG with a character based on your cat, good news. Your dreams are apparently reality.

Slated for smartphones, the game, titled Neko Mimi Sabaibaa! (or Cat Ear Survivor!), has players to take photos of their cat with the "Nyanko Camera" function, which creates an in-game character based on said cat. And then, you can fight a dog.

Dengeki Online reports that all the cats look different and have different abilities. If so, that's neat.

Neko Mimi Sabaibaa! will be out on Google Play in Japan next month and hits the Apple App Store in December.

Neko Saba [Official Site]

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    The next natural step for japan is to have a game where you shag said anthropomorphic kitty cat lady... or she gets ravished by tentacles. Pretty sure its only a matter of time.

    The last thing I want to do is sexualise my cat.
    There are some sick sick bastards out there.

      If you look at that and think it's in any way sexual then I don't know what to tell ya...

    Some cute pussy in that video....

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