Two Things I Dislike About The New Nintendo 3DS

Two Things I Dislike About The New Nintendo 3DS

There are lots of things to like about the New Nintendo 3DS hardware. It’s a good machine. However, there are two things I’m not exactly crazy about.

Have a look in the video below:

In case you missed it, check out Kotaku‘s previous New Nintendo 3DS coverage: how the C-Stick works, a simple speed test as well as a head-tracking one, and how the New Nintendo 3DS stacks up against the original Nintendo 3DS.


  • Lol. The hinges problem existed since DS and it is not a deal breaker. As a power button located at the side of the 3DS, it is logical that is is not easy to be pressed? It is the same case as the 3ds xl that the power button is next to the start button but it is not easy to press so that people won’t accidentally press it.

    • Especially on a hand held device. I mean if anything I’d be worried that in that position it’s too easy to press.

  • “I don’t know why Nintendo can’t make better hinges”
    well perhaps they don’t expect people to be retarted and shake the fuck out of their machines?

  • A power button that doesn’t accidentally turn off, and excessive shaking resulting in moving parts moving. Whats next? You don’t like the blue light because your preference is purple?

  • Yeah I’ve never understood the hinge complaint. I have an original DS Phat (the first one) that I bought just after release. It’s my most played console and I still use it regularly today. It has some wear and tear around the corners, 11 dead pixels and a battered touch screen but the hinges are absolutely fine. The screen can still lock in every position and it never feels loose.

    I have a feeling those who complain about DS hinges just need to learn how to look after theirs better.

  • Maybe if you didn’t shake it like an epileptic having a fit, the hinges would last longer… I’ve owned nearly every iteration of the DS, never had an issue with the hinges

    • Well Nintendo do have that epilepsy warning at the start of games…guess we know why now, that shit will ware out your DS hinge in no time…

  • Sweet, so the new 3DS doesn’t have any issues at all.

    Also what do you even need to use the power button for 😛

  • 1. “oh the hinge is so weak” *shakes it as hard as one possibly can*

    2. What the hell are you on about regarding the power button?

  • I do actually have a problem with the hinges on my 3ds: the amount of wobble can make it difficult to play on the bus. Hopefully the new one is no worse.

  • This is the worst video ever… News flash! The hinge will move when u shake the crap out of it…and you look like a retard trying to turn the thing off…deerrrr it doesn’t turn off when I don’t press the button…ah no shit, have you tried to press the button instead of pressing your thumb on the case??

  • watching him shake that was akin to watching animal abuse for me. sickening, disgusting. Why would you do that?! :/

  • I remember ashcroft complaining about the wiiu pro controllers weight. It’s not that big of a deal. If you hate the hinges buy a 2DS or if you want an updated handheld write to nintendo requesting a New 2DS haha

  • Owned 3 DS units. DSi, 3d & 3DXL. Never has an issue. This is such a stupid comment. Over 150 million sold, I doubt the hinges our an issue.

  • Just put some dirt/grit into the hinge. Happened to my 3DS while on holidays and now it’s got quite a bit of resistance opening and closing. Problem solved.

  • Does the cartage still pop out at any time? I need a locking device on that or osmeth ing. It pops out in my bag all the time.

  • I have a gen1 launch day black 3DS. I do not have this issue with the “flopping”?
    I use mine ALOT, so its constantly being opened and closed, but I have never encounter this?

  • @brian ashcraft
    stop shaking the F*&^ing thing.
    do you fap and play at the same time or something?!

  • Do you normally have seizures or something during game play. Pretty sure they didn’t design it with earthquakes in mind. & the power button? Seriously I thought you’d have real complaints.

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