Um, Dark Souls Is $0.19 On Steam Right Now -- Update

So, this has to be a mistake, but you might as well take advantage of it before it's changed: Dark Souls is currently 19 cents. Not dollars, cents on Steam. That's about as close to free as you're ever likely to get. This is as good a chance as any to play my favourite game of the last five years.

Seriously. Buy it now before someone changes their mind.

Via OzBargain

UPDATE: Looks like it's gone back up sadly. I bought a copy for two of my brother in laws, went to buy it for the third and BAM, back to $19.99.


    Bought 10 copies for friends.

    hope I don't get in trouble.

      Don't suppose you are in need of any more friends, Mr Panyue, you shrewd operator you!

      When its happened in the past don't they just deactivate the copy and refund the incorrect amount?

        No. I bought Just Cause during a price error last year that still exists in my account. Valve are awesome like this

          ahh that's really cool. sucks for the developer though i hope valve gives them the right amount of money for the sales.

            I think it depends. If the developer/publisher updated the price and sent in the wrong figure, I think they cop the loss. If they sent in the correct figure, but Valve put the wrong price on it, Valve will cop the loss.

      I did the same, sold a few trading cards and bought 7. so paid nothing and have a nice stack of games for forum trades.

      you wouldnt happen to have a extra copy of dark souls would you?

    Sold! Bought with the random $1.34 I got for selling those trading cards. Now that's as close to free as you can get!

    I've wondering what to do with the $1 I've earned selling all the trading cards I had. Got myself 5 copies.

      I've got 3 copies left, if anyone want one let me know your steam name or email

        Hey, if you could please msg me at [email protected] i would greatly appriciate if you could figure out what you would want for it, my friend really wants it, he doesn't have it and i don't have much to offer, but something is something!

        hey i wouldn't mind if you still have some copies let me know :) ill gladly pay you the 0.19 haha

          Yep, send me an email with your steam id

          Last edited 24/10/14 11:47 am

            Hey mate will do :) i'll email you from home tonight. havent got steam at work so not exactly sure what my username is email will come from danielcollis@m

              Did you still want a copy?

                Hey thanks for checking. My home pc is playing up and i cant get on to figure out my Steam Name. so if theres someone else that can use send through to them. thank you so much for offering though.

        I'll take one! Happy to trade you cards or something too! Steam ID is benanen.

        Seriously!? I'm westcoastricho on steam if you have any left you saint of a human being!

          Added you, you need to accept before i can send it



                Thanks so much Planky! I will make sure to return the favour one day!

                Do you still have any? I'd love to get a copy. My name is TheVollnutEffect

                Last edited 24/10/14 12:17 pm

        Hey, from my count you might still have one left? Could I get if it's okay?
        Steam is Shadow29live

        Can you send it to me, im from Ukraine and dark souls is not allowed for our country, my email: [email protected]

      If you still have them I missed out, my steam name is
      I woulden't be suprised if you gave them all out already though ;-;

      edit: just saw you gave them all away

      Last edited 24/10/14 12:36 pm

      hey planky if u still have a copy of darksouls could i get one my email is [email protected] if i can email me and ill send one back with my steam name

    Dammit, was 19c when I clicked the link, logged in, in cart, $19.99. Constantly hitting F5 now like the cheapskate I am

    A huge thank you to Mark! Saw the article, grabbed my phone with the steam it for 19 cents! Messaged my brother...too late for him.

      That sounds so dramatic. I GOT MY PHONE, AND I ACHIEVED MY GOAL! I tried to tell my brother but... *room darkens* it was too late for him.....

        Hahaha...looking back there is way too much drama in my note.

    Praise the Human error when inputting the appropriate price for Dark souls on Steam !

    Must have been that bloody Patches, that sneaky little bastard !

    Last edited 24/10/14 11:06 am

    I got four!

      Got any left?

        Actually, yep. Have one left. What's your email?

          Hey Shaaaaaaaaaains, would you happen to have a copy for me as well? I'd be happy to pay you back by buying you a 20c card or something from the market. My email is pearflinders at gmail dot com

            It's been 2.5 days, and I never heard back from Jackal, so you can have it. I don't want anything in return - I don't Steam.

            Though if this might appeal to you, feel free to spread the word. We launch on Halloween.

            Last edited 27/10/14 12:24 am

    C'mon guys, if anyone here could be really kind and give me a key ...
    I've got 0.28€ in my steamwallet, i can trade cards if you want ... :(

    Anyone with extras up for a trade or anything? My feed reader was slow in getting this story to me XD

    Too bad it's a pathetic port and a disgrace to pc gaming.

    Missed it, I'll pay $0.20 if someone wants to make a quick cent? :D

    Speaking of DS on PC, what is the best solution for the crazy controls?
    I remember trying to play it and giving up after 5 mins due to hopeless controls.
    Is the best solution plugged in a PS3 controller for example? Would really love to play it, but I just remember being so off-put by the bad port controls that I gave up almost immediately.

      Use a remote. Better DS3 is a good program to use.

      Its really simple to use and I find easier to use than Motion Joy.

        OK cool i'll give it a crack. thanks.
        Looks great on PC, I just couldn't get the keyboard/mouse controllers working.
        I use the ps3 controller for playing ps2 emulator games on the pc (which look glorious btw), so it should work fine with DS as well.

          I'd suggest DSfix aswell.

          A great mod that makes the game run better.

            Yeah I have heard of that, will give that a crack with betterds3, cheers bloke

    If anyone still has a copy can ya let me know? thanks

    Any has a copy please I'd love to get one. My steam username is TheVollnutEffect.

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