Valkyria Chronicles Is Coming To PC!

Valkyria Chronicles Is Coming To PC!

The original Valkyria Chronicles, a gorgeous strategy/RPG for the PS3, is getting a late (but very welcome) port to the PC.

Sega just confirmed it via Twitter, with more info to come. If you never played it, know that for all its flaws (it got tough), this was a strategy game with a ton of personality and heart.


  • Ahhh I remember trying to track this down a number of years ago. Was so hard to find a copy I never got one! This port is greatly appreciated and I will be throwing my money at it with gusto.

    • You could still buy new copies (sealed) from JB-HI-FI for $25. I got mine from Melbourne CBD (last year).

      • Exactly what happened with me (but in Sydney), totally a steal at that price considering the quality of the game. To bad it sold like poo but Steam will fix that. It is more of a game PC players will jump on like Civ for lack of a better example off head.

  • I still play Valkyria Chronicles a few time a year. I don’t know why but i just love the game and it is so hard loving something that gets so little love from its makers. If I owned the rights to Valkyria Chronicles we would be on to Valkyria Chronicles 5 by now.

  • I picked it up in the sale when Game was going under. Didn’t know it was that well regarded. Haven’t even take it out of the shrinkwrap yet.

    • Play the hell out of it over the next week and then go get the DLC, especially the Behind the Blue Flame pack. It’s no overstatement to say that this is one of the very finest games of the last generation and a very fresh breath of air in the SRPG genre which has fairly rigidly stuck with the same formula for far too long.

      I can’t recommend this game enough, like @boogoose above I replay it every so often and it’s just sublime. I’ve played VC2 as well which was on the PSP and while it made some really great changes to the gameplay formula the story just wasn’t as good and the maps had to be cut in to pieces for the PSP.

      • Something tells me the power and crisp screen of the Vita would do another entry justice. Especially considering it is a touch screen.

  • I own a copy for PS3, but this is really good news for those that missed out on it. Hopefully this might mean we end up getting VC3 at some point too.

  • Great news, loved the original (well apart from that damn level at the ruins with the mammoth tank and Selvaria haha), I hope they follow up and perhaps think about porting upscaled versions of the sequels that were only released on psp (I think it was psp anyway lol)

    Squad 7…. MOVE OUT!

    • 720p, 30fps locked, no key rebinding, no mouse control on menus, no FOV slider, no SLI support, and everyone’s favourite, crashing upon alt+tabbing. This is going to be fun.

  • One of the games I was always kinda enthusiastic about just on the art direction, not having the console to actually ever play it – definitely excited for this (is like when Wayforward started putting stuff on Steam and I was all *throws money at pretty artwork and soundtracks*)

  • I loved the game so much that I bought it for the PS3 on release date…. Before I even had the PS3 console.

    The console was a guaranteed purchase, but I just couldn’t wait for the few weeks between getting the console (going overseas to get the Japanese PS3) and getting Valkyria Chronicles.

  • Great! Now all SEGA has to do is release no.3 in english! HURRY UP AND RELEASE 3 IN ENGLISH!!!

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