Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku Dazzled On David Letterman


    It's kinda brilliant - she looks like she is there, and has more personality than most of the guests on that show for a LONG TIME. Can't handle modern pop, but when it's j-pop or k-pop, my tolerance levels are through the roof . Either way, this was awesome :)

      I don't know... Future Islands, dude.

        Fair call. Total drunken post from me in the wee hours of this morning, and I think I meant to say late shows in general, rather than David Letterman specifically :)

    Personally I preferred Miku performance at other events, but she did alright on Letterman.

    Dazzled? Blew the roof off the dump? I don't think Brian knows what these words/phrases mean... the crowd was barely moving and gave a modestly cheerful reception when the song was over.

      Yeah, probably chose that song because it's in English but really, Miku was never designed to sing in English, unless they changed it recently.

        That was English? Couldn't understand a word of it...

          It was English, but it was pretty terrible. Luka is designed to sing in both Japanese and English, where as Miku was only designed to be Japanese.

            Miku *can* sing in english if you're talented enough with the the software. Mitchie M's stuff has english bits that don't sound as bad and I've seen decent covers on YT before YT got take down happy.

            That being said IIRC they are in the middle of working on an english library for Miku

              Yes, but it'll sound like Japanese english. This song was pretty terrible at it.
              Nice to know they're upgrading her library.

                Well... to be fair Luka's "english" library still sounds like Japanese English anyway =P

                  I hadn't noticed, but I don't really listen to a lot of Luka's stuff.

        I was curious to see how she'd do in an interview, especially in English, but it was not to be.

        I saw a clip of a concert where she was singing 'World is Mine'. And while that was a pretty decent ear-worm for ages, what really surprised me was how nuts the fans were, how heavily they were getting into it. Personally, given the tepid reception from the crowd there, I reckon they should've just gone for broke and played something Japanese - y'know, embrace where you come from.

          One of my favorites

          Yeah, I'm disappointed that there wasn't an interview.

    Blew the roof? Wanna post the video where that happened then?
    Crowd politely applauded when given cue to do so. Virtual idol moved through some cheesy embrace the world gestures. Band was even cheesier.
    Where are you getting your music from? Is anything culturally relevant and not game/anime related just 'hipster stuff' to you? If you want to restrict it to virtual performances - Gorillaz. No. Contest.
    As for personality.... Wot?
    (Miley Cyrus, fake as they come, has more personality and that's saying something).

    Letterman has that "Is this what our fathers went to war for?" face.

    Anyway, I hope someday they can fix that bluish tint in holograms. As Stars Wars-y as it is, it totally breaks the experience for me.

      "Is this what our fathers went to war for?

      A: Yes it is.

    Considering this was made using her experimental (Maybe V4) voicebank it sounds heaps better then V3 English. And there's an odd gritty texture to her vocals missing from the original. But hey it was freaking awesome!

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