Watch A Team Of Two Players Beat Destiny’s Six-Person Raid

Watch A Team Of Two Players Beat Destiny’s Six-Person Raid

Holy crap. Somehow, two people have figured out how to beat Destiny‘s Vault of Glass — a raid mission that is excruciatingly difficult even with a team of six — thanks to sharp coordination and some liberal usage of the Sunsinger Warlock’s self-resurrection ability.

Don’t watch this video if you don’t want to be spoiled on the raid. If you have played through the Vault, though, you’ll really appreciate just how hard this must have been.

During the Atheon battle, instead of one person holding the Relic while the others shoot at Oracles, one member of this team will drop the Relic, shoot Oracles, pick the Relic back up, and repeat, all by himself. It’s insane.

Hilariously, last night, Kirk and I were trying to figure out the minimum number of people it’d take to beat the raid. We thought it was three. We were wrong.

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  • Man! Vault of Glass ain’t hard =P Hard mode is hard!

    I have got to give it to Bungie though… attempting to clear Vault with a fresh team is incredibly challenging but once you clear it at least once it seems to become a lot easier. They’ve hit a really good balance of making it challenging but not making it feel like a chore to repeat once you’ve cleared it.

  • I’ve only seen the first section of the raid (via the huge failure that the Achievement Hunter first attempt while they were sorely underlevelled) and I would have assumed you’d need at least three as well.

    I should really try and find a group for this over the weekend. It’s either that or pound my head against the wall trying to get the void kills I need for my Thorn bountry.

        • I’m in exactly the same scenario as you. Lvl 28 Warlock with no raid experience and that stupid void thorn bounty sitting in my inventory wasting space. I suck at PvP but want to finish it, and thought that the easiest way would be to get Atheon’s Epilogue (auto rifle with void damage) from the raid.
          If you end up running a group on Sat night let me know GT: gerke86

          • My gt: Shadow Artiste

            I do the vault weekly with mates and we’re always seemingly short 1 person and rely on randoms from the forums. Hit me up for next week’s raid, if there’s space we’ll walk you through it.

            Otherwise, check the Bungie forums. There’s ways people looking for raid members there.

    • Still waiting to hear back from a few people but could have an opening tonight if your keen? will message you later.

      • My wife and I want to run it together, the downside is we’ve been having some connection issues this last week. We’d probably want to go with some pretty forgiving friends at least our first time through.

        But we’ll see!

        • My friends and I have had a lot of connection issues since the last Destiny update. It’s a little better now it seems.

          • We were playing last night and my wife kept getting booted while we were doing patrols. The weird thing is, I didn’t – only she did. We’ve even tried all the steps to open our NAT in the router and give her Xbox’s IP priority over mine. I keep getting strict NAT warnings but she’s the one that gets booted. It’s weird.

    • Yeah I really want to give this a go.

      It is becoming very obvious to me that progressing past level 26/27 would be a LOT quicker and easier if I was completing the Nightfall and Raid. So I’d love to give the Raid a go. PS4.

  • Can’t watch the video from here. How do they get past the “control 3 points simultaneously to open the Vault in the first place” bit?

    • Both sit at the side cap points and just spam golden gun/void walker, Truth Rockets and happen to be 30. Both points are easy to cover, you normally only struggle if you allow the spawns to start advancing.

      If you wanna nit pick they didn’t finish this completely two man, there is a part of the run that forces you to at least have three people. Still quite the achievement. A quick question, how do you do get that version of melee attack when on the ground with the relic, he seems to do a lot more damage with it than I do.

  • Got up to the “portal” part with mates but for the life of us we couldn’t get past there. Most of us were 26 with a couple higher. That said if anyone’s doing a run I really want to get it done after getting so close. Add me on PS4 FistfullofFlour

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