Watch World Of Warcraft Fans React To The Australian Servers Announcement

Last week Blizzard announced it was bringing local servers to Australian and New Zealand and there was much rejoicing. Not least among the folk who managed to attend an exclusive presentation focusing on the upcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor. This was a presentation for a pretty core set of World of Warcraft fans and it was during this presentation that Blizzard chose to announce that local servers were coming to Australia.

That's the sound of relief right there. And joy. Fans of World of Warcraft have been waiting a long time for local servers in Australia. It's kind of fun to see them react like this.


    19 ms this morning. I member hoping 10 years ago at Uni that this would happing. :-)

    Anyone know if they will be changing maintenance times with the new servers?

      Doubtful. They might do extended maintenance sometimes (or skip it when it happens in the US) but they keep them scheduled together to avoid pouring the games entire population into the few remaining servers.

        Yeah they aren't changing the maintenance times, due to it all being connected or something.

      maintenance times stay the same,

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    They sure are making going back to World of Warcraft seem like a good idea. It's amazing how good that game is at tugging at nostaliga over the good times while glossing over the bad. I mean I hate end-game and that's where the bulk of the game is focused, yet I still feel almost homesick whenever I see World of Warcraft material.

      I was on last night, it's quite off-putting having your instant cast spells being actually instant.

        I'd have to get used to saying 'sorry, I interrupted early' rather than '[swear swear swear] lag [swear swear swear] sorry'. =P

      Homesick' is the right word. Azeroth has been a digital 'place', a Home if you will, for over ten years. That's longer than I've ever lived anywhere, worked anywhere, done… ANYTHING. In a world of change, Azeroth is now the most enduring constant. You could say that this is 'fucked up', but I'd say it's more... a sign of the changing times.

    10 years too late unfortunately.

    The dude up front needs to work on his presentation skills. Swinging his arms back and forth like that -wtf?

    I'm actually thinking about jumping back in, between this and Blizzard giving me Mists of Pandaria for free, they sure are making it tempting.

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