Well, That's One Way To Fix The Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility

Well, That's One Way To Fix The Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility

It still irritates me that the Xbox One isn't backwards-compatible. From Red Dead to GTA V, there are old games I still own and still want to play, but because I don't have an Xbox 360 anymore (one died and I traded the other in for the XB1), they just... sit there.

It'd be OK if Xbox, as a brand, had never done such a thing, but to do it with the Xbox 360 (which played most Xbox games) then take it away again on Xbox One, ugh.

Ed Zarcik has a solution, though. He literally put both consoles in the same box. Easy.

The Xbox Duo is a laptop that carries the guts of both consoles, along with two separate disc trays, meaning you can enjoy the best of both consoles.

To save space they both share the same power source (the Xbox One's), and there's a 22-inch monitor attached so you can take it anywhere.

He takes commissions, so if you want to get hold of one, you can get in touch with Ed on his website.

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    This is why I stick with PC, with enough messing around I can play anything from the last 30 years (including ps2 exclusives).

      How did you like The Last of Us and Uncharted?


        To be fair, the list of PC exclusives at this point would far exceed the list of PS3 exclusives.

          I know, but to say that a PC can play anything from the last 30 years is just false.

          I'm a PC gamer first and foremost. But some [most] of my favourite games from the last 6 years have all been on PS3. The Last of Us, Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption. Sure, I would *love* for them to be on PC.... but they aren't


            Give it a couple of years and we will have em on PC, at higher resolution, higher fps and for free but personally I don't care for emulators or exclusives for that matter.

              Not for the last of us. That's playstation 3 and 4 exclusive. Not a timed exclusive either Emulators would run into issues with the PS3 catalogue from what I've heard about the difficulties that devs had with the cell processor, and well maybe one day someone will get an emulator for the PS4, but I have my doubts.

                The Xbox one (Can you see how confusing this is microsoft?!) had an intel Celeron processor in it and there is still no emulator for that so the fact that the PS4 is similar to PC hardware probably wont make a huge amount of difference.

                  Because you could never say "The Original Xbox" to make it clear without any real hassle. Not that most people even have reason to mention a 13 yr old console that was superseded 9 years ago by another console that itself has been superseded...

        Unfortunately played both on ps3. Felt bad the whole time. and I thought I implied that i meant PC games for the last 30 years, Apparently I failed at words.

        Last edited 31/10/14 11:39 pm

      Well, with enough messing around you could probably play many PC games on an Xbox One or PS4 ...

        I think that that is unlikely. It took several years to crack the last generation of consoles and they didn't have any PC titles running on them.

          My point was that by the "enough messing around" standard, pretty much anything is possible.

          And when the bootloader protection on these new consoles is cracked, I wouldn't be surprised if we see some PC games run on them. They are essentially x86 PCs already, featuring GPUs from one of the three most popular families. If you got Linux booting, it wouldn't be a stretch to get Steam running too.

      That's what interests me the most about converting to PC. Is it much effort in getting these ps2 exclusives? PC gives me the impression you have to learn alot to work out how to get those games running. As I have no idea I find the thought daunting or is it alot easier than I think? Backwards compatibility is an under appreciated heaven send for gamers.

        I did find playing ps2 games sort of hard to begin with, but after looking at a tutorial it was actually really easy.

    Why do people always bring up these features as something taken away? Especially when it was you who traded away your console in the first place.

    BC has to re-implemented every time, and the solution is likely completely different to the last time.
    PS3 included half the PS2 hardware to achieve it.
    Sony had to spend $400m to buy Gaikai for a method of BC on PS4 that will still leave your discs just sitting there. But there's no workable PS3 emulator out there, so that's the best you're going to get.

    Hopefully with x86 cores, we'll see BC next gen from both Sony and MS.

    360's are so cheap now, just buy one of you wanna play those games. I have all the last gen and the gen before set up and haven't played any of them since the XB1, WiiUand the PS4 moved in. Maybe one day I'll get all nostalgic about them.

    Out you could just plug your 360 into the ones HDMI in?

      That has loads of input lag.

        I haven't gamed through it yet, but I've never really noticed any lag using my PS3 through it for media. Seems more responsive through my Xbox One than a lot of peoples crappy cheap TV's.

    Considering that heaps of modders have been trying to make a Xbox 360 emulator for X86 processors for ages with almost no success,I'm not convinced we'll be getting backward compatibility on the Xbox One any time soon.

    Now this guy just needs to implement full keyboard and mouse support and my wallet will open up faster than a $5 hooker's legs...

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