We're Streaming Alien: Isolation Right Now And We're Super Scared

And by we, I mean me. I'm scared. Come and watch me play Alien: Isolation. I'm about three hours in, at the medical section, and this is bloody ridiculous.

Watch live video from Markserrels on Twitch

So please enjoy watching me hide in lockers for an hour or so.

Update: We've finished streaming for now! Thanks to everyone who watched. Check out the archived footage if you want to see what you missed!


    Nooooo! Save the game for when it's night time Marky! The atmosphere is 100 times better.

    Haha the 'phew' face you made when it was outside that locker.. Scary shit!

    zzzz...twitch streams fine at work, but comments fail.


    Last edited 16/10/14 12:54 pm

    nope. two minutes in I would be back on Mario Kart 8 and wiping my tears. and bum.

    The one Twitch stream I want to see and I can't connect. =(

    Argh, the medical section... So much frustration. So many times I'd make decent progress only to end up being stabbed through the chest and put back to the start.

    Oh man watching that makes me want to win that copy so bad now!!

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