What The Great War In Fallout Is All About

It's October 23, which means we're now exactly 63 years away from Fallout's Great War, the Very Special Saturday in which every nuclear nation in the world fired all of their missiles at once. Good times all around.

To celebrate this pre-anniversary, the funny people at Dorkly shot this neat video containing some brief history on the Great War. Did you know that every clock in Fallout 3 is stopped at exactly 9:47? I certainly did not.

Meanwhile, uh, if Bethesda wants to surprise us all with a Fallout 4 announcement, we'll take it. Seriously. Any time now.


    Wait, it's not about what every other war has been about? Dudes who are insecure about their penis size?

      Hey I resent that......I've never started a war I couldn't finish !

    It’s October 23, which means we’re now exactly 63 years away from Fallout‘s Great War

    Posted 24 October, after lunch.

    C'mon, guys, at least _pretend_ to edit for the Australian audience...

    I watched the video and I don't understand what the war is about.
    I think the answer is either, cola or October 23rd...

      Nothing good comes from October 23rd, so we can safely assume it was the dates fault.

      On other news it was my birthday yesterday (Oct23rd) so there is a slight possibility future me and friends have one hell of a 97th birthday celebration and shit gets really outta hand. (wouldn't be the first time)

        Was my B'day to, I will be 100 in 63 years. Joint party?

          Well that confirms 2 things

          1) Nothing good comes from October 23rd ;-)
          2) Its our joint party that is totally to blame for the great war !

          I usually have some fireworks for my birthday and each year me and my mates try to out do one another with the biggest and most impressive we can get. So logically in 63 more years of trying to out do one another the only thing left would be Nukes,

          I think I have just come to the conclusion that you and I are solely responsible for the downfall of humanity.......shiiiit I really need to pay more attention to doomsday preppers !

    We all know what the war is about.

    War. War never changes. In the 21st Century war was still waged over the resources that could be acquired. Only this time, the spoils of war were also its weapons; Petroleum and Uranium. For these resources China would invade Alaska, the US would annexe Canada, and the European Commonwealth would dissolve into quarrelling bickering nation-states, bent on controlling the last remaining resources on Earth.

    In 2077 the storm of World War had come again. In 2 brief hours most of the planet was reduced to cinders, and from the ashes of nuclear devastation a new civilisation would struggle to arise.

    'Sall I need to know.

    I just assumed it was the Beatles

    I knew it was them, it was those Fucking Beatles !

    Did they find a way to blame video games yet?

    2013 — Rise of the first commercial business blocks to control countries.
    2019 — First commercial spaceport opens (First Texan Space Complex)
    2020 — First Earth-orbital commercial space factory assembled.
    2034 — American and Canadian governments unify and form United North America.
    2046 — Orbital city Atlantis becomes first politically independent space colony; moves to Martian orbit
    2047 — Columbus, Magellan, and Marco Polo unmanned interstellar probes launched from Earth orbit.
    2050 — Brazil establishes SAEU (unified South American government).
    2061 — Columbus reaches Alpha Centauri and maps local planetary systems.
    2066 — Establishment of Mount Olympus and Mount Arsia colonies on Mars.
    2072 — Magellan reaches Tau Ceti; discovers terraformable planet (Gaea).
    2076 — All Martian colonies gain political independence through treaties; Federation of Mars established.
    2077 — SAEU collapses after civil war.
    2078 — Mutiny aboard International Station One (first true space war), arrest and execution of mutineers.
    2087-2089 — First Venerean terraforming project attempted, but fails.
    2095 — Lunar population reaches 10,000 at Tycho Center moonbase.

    -Gammaworld history, dragon magazine #88

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