What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Wait, it's the weekend again? Damn, four day weeks are the best. What am I playing? Man. Too much choice to be perfectly honest. What do I want to be playing? Probably Alien: Isolation, but that's the kind of game I need to be alone at night to play. Chances of that happening are slim to zero, so I fancy I'll either be stealing 10 minutes here and there with Smash Bros on the 3DS or playing Destiny. What are you guys and girls planning to play?

It's starting to get to that time. When all the games come out and I quite literally can't find hours in the day to play them all. It can be frustrating, but I think this year I might just focus on a couple of games instead of trying to be across everything. I find that it's better that way. I'd rather properly get into something that just play games to get the 'gist' of them.

What are you all playing? Let us know in the comments.


    I got Super Smash Bros 3DS in the and Switchblade II for the Lynx in the mail this week, so that will keep me occupied :)

      As in Atari Lynx? Man I remember those...

        Indeed :) I sold my childhood units YEARS ago, and have regret it since, so I picked one up with a stack of games recently. All is right with the world again :P

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        They are still great, but the screen sucks. Candle has been working on a replacement screen, I want it so bad! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xwM0Fwnz24

          The screen is a bit of a downer, but it's honestly better than I remember it being, haha. Still easier to make out than on the old Gameboy and Game Gear screens. Yeah, I've seen that video - here's hoping it gets released - that would make the unit perfect :)

      ahhh switchblade :) damn son i love that on my Atari ST :) have a great weekend :) upvote for the Lynx though :)

        Cheers man, you have a great weekend too :)

          Flew from Sydney to LA with 4 mates and 4 lynxes with the link cable, and played endless hours of gauntlet... and burned through a metric shitload of batteries. We had the big D-Cell external pack. Time to dig the lynx out...

          PS, this guy's lynx is bigger than yours...

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            Yeah, I've seen that video! That guys collection is CRAZY. I wish I knew more people with Lynxes around here - solo play will have to do me for now! Gauntlet is a lot of fun on the Lynx though, I picked that one up. So far, I've got Gauntlet, Viking Child, Shadow of the Beast, Xybots, Robotron 2084, California Games, Battlezone 2000, Todd's Adventures in Slime World and Switchblade II. Next purchases are most definitely gonna be Blue Lightning and Pinball Jam. I love the Elvira table :)

    I need to deload from Destiny so I'm planning on playing as little as possible this weekend of anything. I have renovation and yard work to do which I keep putting off... :(

    Hardly touched my PS4 for a while, and PC gaming is at an all time low too, apart from sporadic D3ing for some reason.

    Actually been spending time with Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment on Vita. Trying to commit to working through my Vita/3DS pile of shame.

    When not handhelding, will probably continue watching Hannibal, and working through my rewatch of The Walking Dead in anticipation of S5 next week.

    Alien Isolation, probably getting my third character to level 20 in Destiny, maybe some Hyrule Warriors or ZombiU (it was only $10 at Big W, I should check their prices more often).
    I broke down and started playing Alien Isolation the other night. It's pretty great but I feel like there's only one very specific, slightly odd solution to each puzzle, and things that should work don't. It makes it a bit hard to navigate and it really breaks the atmosphere when you screw up and die. Maybe that will change once I start getting more tools.

      yeah theres a reason ZombieU was only $10... :) have fun with Hyrule Warriors though, how much did you score that for?

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        I think that was $69 so I probably could have got it cheaper elsewhere. I wasn't planning on playing Hyrule Warrior's until I had more free time, but I was bored and waiting for a doctors appointement which always kills my impulse control. I almost walked out fo there with a Vita for no real reason. The only thing that stopped me was that the girl behind the counter was really busy and I didn't want to make her go through the trouble of going over to the cabinet and digging one out. =P

          haha :) i picked up a vita cheap from a mate who works @ sony. havent played much on it really except what i got free with PS+ and final fantasy 6 and 10 lol :) its a comfortable little handheld though.

      Have to chime in with my mandatory ZombiU gush. Best game on the system for me so far, and equally saddening that we'll probably never see it's like again. Came from a time when publishers were actually hopeful for the WiiU's 3rd party capability.

      Best non-gimmicky usage of the WiiU's gamepad to date, and an enormously fun and challenging game to boot. Best part being when you have friends that play, and you come across their zombified players, with all the gear they had when they died.

        Plus one!

        ZombiU is the best. Except for Wonderful 101 which is actual best, but ZombiU is the other kind of best.

      On an unrelated note - love your Zap Brannigan Midnight Cowboy profile pic thingy... He definitely suffers from Sexlexia...

        I've been using it for years and it still makes me laugh.

    Well I think I've shaken my D3 addiction after hitting a gear wall with my seasonal crusader running T2 rifts - it's just not fun anymore. Could start another character buyt I think I'll take a break.

    I'll probably continue my Batman: AC playthrough which has been sitting in my pile of shame for a while. Love it, not as focused as the first but good in its own open world kinda way. Been buying a few Batman graphic novels which has spurred me to do this.

    well there's a few things i want to play this weekend :) i wanna keep going with the new Skylanders that's for sure :) also i just met some awesome people in wow very recently that I'm getting to know quite well so want to hang out with them in Azeroth for a bit too :) I will also probably try and get some Diablo 3 on the XB-one in as well.

      Just about to complete level 8 in Trap Team, gonna pick up some more figures today too. I've been hooked since the first one.

        haha yeah same :) lol i used to ridicule my younger brother for playing as i thought it was just abusing the Spyro name for sales. then i made the mistake of buying it and im hooked.

        Have you tried the Koas challenges yet? its like Skylanders: Tower Defence. sooooooo much fun haha!

          Yeah, just completed level wave 100 last night, that's why I haven't progressed very far in the story yet. Got a few level 20's now.

            haha yeah i did just enough story for them to unlock that and i got lost have leveled up a few toons from scratch in there :)

    Well, 3 day weekend for me starting tomorrow, and it's a good thing too, got so much to occupy my time. I'll be splitting my time between Forza: Horizon 2, Skylanders: Trap Team, Shadow Of Mordor and DriveClub. I might pick up Sleeping Dogs and Styx: Master Of Shadows too.

    Also, be drinking copious amounts of beer and watching Bathurst on Sunday.

      ohh DriveClub is out now?! ive been putting off picking up a PS4 because of that.

        Came out Wednesday I think. Apparently people weren't able to connect to start with, don't know if that issue's been fixed yet, picking up my copy shortly.

      Does Forza Horizon 2 use the impulse triggers?

        Sorry for the late reply man. Can't really remember, I think they do. I'll let you know next time I start it up (should be tomorrow).

    Finishing the last 4 missions of alien isolation then some 2k15.

      Did you upload your face? :)

        I tried multiple time but my looked like he got his ass kicked with his whole face covered in bruises so I gave up.

    Banjo Kazooie, going for that glorious 100%.

      Ahhh I remember doing 100% Banjo Kazooie back in the day. Without a guide. Don't actually think it's that hard but good on you for the committment - I find that the game hasn't aged well (or my attention span hasn't)

    Destiny, Shadow of Mordor, Arkham Origins and hopefully Costume Quest 2. Apparently it's out on Steam but couldn't see it on Xbox Live this morning.

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      Costume Quest 2! The only reply I've gotten from anyone in the biz about it is that it will be out for consoles "soon". Not sure when, but definitely before Halloween. Cannot wait!

    I'm holding on to a fantasy Shadow of Mordor will be in the letter box when I get home.

    Otherwise Plan to finish AC Black Flag and play some Eidolon

    Alien: Isolation. Maybe I'll buy some of those sweat-proof grip things.

    Started playing Dust last night, but going to pick up Shadow Of Mordor this afternoon, so probably that.

    Destiny, BF4 and Rainbow Moon on PS Vita.

    Most likely still working on my next project. Really being lazy with it because doing it means I can't play games.

    Probably Halo: Reach, maybe Alien or CoJ: Gunslinger, or touch up on my backlog.

    Weirdly enough, I've gotten back into Gears of War 3. I forgot how much fun that game was. Provided I get into a game of bots, any game with players turns into a boring, wall-bouncing Gnasher spam fest.

    First attempt at The Vault of Glass tonight, stag doo tomorrow so maybe some Shadow of Mordor sunday when hungover :(

      Good luck man!

      Couple of non-spoiler hints - Learn to be play defensively (the 30 second countdown on revives is a bitch of a mechanic to get used to). And be persistent =P It's very dark soulsy in the sense it'll seem impossible at first but an hour or two into the same boss fight something will just click and you guys will smash it.

        I think we may have someone who has already completed helping and another reckons he has watched allot of walkthroughs, but cheers.

      Yeahh man, nice. I saw you messaged me but I can't open it, what's up?

        I was asking if you were keen to hit the Vault, if so all good we'll be starting around 8pm NZ, if not I have a backup.

          I'm a lowly peasant level 24, I'm gonna try and sneak home and level up in an hour or two but I don't think I'd be the required 26 in time for 8pm. Thanks for inviting me though!

            2 of us are only 25, but we are willing to give it a try, I will prob be grinding for a few hours beforehand, its almost 5hrs away.

    Trying out Final Fantasy 13 on PC, 50GB download...ouch

      Well, there goes that potential purchase for me, especially with Telstra taking down their unmetered Steam servers next week

    I'll be playing Destiny with friends if they have time and then a mix of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Atelier Rorona Plus and Etrian Odyssey Untold.

    XCOM Enemy Unknown

    Bought it on clearance, and I'm addicted.

      Glad to hear this, I picked this up during SSS but have yet to start.

        I've played some very good games this year, including The Walking Dead Season 2, A Wolf Among Us, Dark Souls 2, and Bioshock Infinite, but this one might well be my favourite.

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          Didn't get the Enemy within DLC? D= It makes the game.... lets say more dynamic =P

            It's not DLC, is it? I believe it's a separate release of the game, and I can't find that for under $40 anywhere.

            I paid $10 for the original game. :P

            Edit: I'm on 360.

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    I got Persona 4 Arena Ultimax earlier in the week so I'll be playing through all the modes during the weekend. I'm glad that the game is region free this time.


        Yep, first thing I did was download the two characters. I had to mess around making an US account though.

    Forza 5. Having a household V household Bathurst challenge. Ribs, wings and very greasy controllers!!

    Oh sweet Destiny will be taking me away tonight, I've been looking for a group to do that raid "Vault of glass" i think its called. Asked so many players none of which want to do so. Other than that a little shadow or mordor,

      I know a few people on TAY who are looking for fresh groups, posting there might get you some luck!

        Oh cool, Cheers bro :D I'll post up there now :D

      Maybe Saturday night? I unlocked it last night, but I'm at the soccer tonight.

        Yeah defiantly, I'm down to group with whoever to give this raid a go! :D

    Well, I feel like I've hit a wall in destiny, so I might stop that for a while. Might get around to dark souls 2 dlc if just to avoid getting rusty. Definitely going to continue the slightly sloshed adventuring in windwaker. There's something comforting about the sailing in that game.

    For peeps who got alien isolation, how are you finding the voice acting and sound design in general? The few snippets I've seen so far have been awesome, although baby Ripley's lines seemed stitched together and didn't have any real flow to them

    I recently went on a Resident Evil buying binge so I might force my way through RE6 or maybe just enjoy RE Revelations.

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