What Are You Playing This Weekend?

You know what? I think I might be done with Destiny for a little while. I'm only level 16, I haven't even finished the single player quest, but Alien: Isolation is just too good. What are you playing this weekend?

I feel like I've spent most of my week gushing about Alien: Isolation, so I'll try and keep this relatively short.

This game man...



Every time I turn Alien: Isolation on it feels as though I have some sort of unique experience that surprises me. The Alien AI is a thing of absolute glory. When it works alongside other NPCs and all the stupid crap you keep doing, it's just an absolute pleasure to play. I had this discussion with a friend — Alien: Isolation is one of the few games where you are completely in sync with your on-screen avatar. There is no need for a level of performance. When Ripley is scared, you are most likely terrified. When Ripley feels as though she needs to run, you feel like you need to run. It's just such a brutally powerful experience. I love it.

I love that a game this risky got made. I streamed it yesterday on Kotaku, you can watch the archived video here. It was a lot of fun.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Picked up Over the top Tower Defence from Humble Bundle so I'm keen to give that a go. I'll also stream Banjo-Kazooie and try and beat that damn Rusty Bucket Bay which is kicking my arse.

      N64 or XBOX 360? I know I should be loyal to the Rare of old but I can't resist the 360 version.

      Rusty Bucket Bay! God that was the life. I loved Banjo Kazooie. Thanks for the memories.

      Banjo Kazooie is bloody perfect. Enjoy every minute of that masterpiece :)

    Still going through Alien Isolation and Shadow of Mordor

    Often I find myself disagreeing about games with you, Mark. I read your stuff cause I like how you write, but we're not often in sync with what we like. (To hijack your Ripley analogy.) It pleases me that we share this Alien Isolation love. <3 This must be what Dark Souls fans feel all the time.

    I just finished the Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary Edition. So good. Think I might take a gaming break this weekend and psych myself up for Dreamfall Chapters next week!

    Well, I have cleaning and mowing to do tomorrow. Plus I have a Hordes release event on Sunday.

    I've also gotten a little back in to Gears of War 3, forgot how much fun the game is. Was thinking of cracking open Alien: Isolation but I had so much fun last night playing Borderlands last night.

    Also I've been pushing along Pokemon Y. Only two gyms done and I want to complete the game by PAX.

    I'll hopefully have a chance to play Borderlands Pre-sequel with friends. Outside of that, I will hopefully finish Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix on Proud Mode and then there'll be a mix of Etrian Odyssey Untold and Atelier Rorona Plus in the background.

      I think I have Pre-sequel waiting for me at home, but I really want to finish all the BL2 DLC first. Nisha looks so tempting though.

    I brought Kingdoms of Amular and Luigi's Mansion 2 (finally) yesterday so I'm probably going to rotate between Kingdoms of Amular on the 360 and Luigi's Mansion+anime on the XBOX One. I was playing Luigi's Mansion 2 on the train to work this morning and I realised just how much of the game I'd forgotten. Little things like the money are just great. Finding a stack of cash up high and having Luigi make it rain could amuse me to the end of time.

    THE EVIL WITHIN! also LAN night with 10 or so friends playing Warcraft 3, yes Warcraft 3.

      Hopefully your friends aren't the kind of people who spend their nights just leaching and playing their own games.

        It usually descends into them playing Dota 2 and me looking puzzled about 6 hours in :P

      Man I am jealous. I have not held or been to a LAN for many years. Damn friends just stopped or moved on in life. We'd get 5 to 8 and play things like Dawn of War 1 till the sun came up.

        Dawn of War 1 is on the menu for tomorrow night :P

    Alien: Isolation! Had planned to put in a good amount of time and then... in-laws. I'll tell them it's a movie perhaps. Really enjoying it so far, even if it makes me agitated and nervous.

    Destiny. I'm going to try and finish the void weapon kills I need for my exotic handcannon bounty (if I can find a third for the level 26 strike to finish the bounty great, if not, eh) then try and level up my alts. I play Titan but I want options and should at least churn out the story on them just to get it done - my Warlock only hit 15 last night, my Hunter is only level 6.

    When I'm not playing Destiny I will probably get back to Diablo III - I finished the main story last weekend and am now onto the Reaper of Souls content.

    I also still want to start on The wolf Among Us, and finish The Blackwell Deception so I can move onto The Blackwell Epiphany and finish this excellent franchise.

    I also bought the Deponia collection last night because it was on sale for less than Goodbye Deponia by itself (which I didn't own yet) so I grabbed it and installed it. Despite buyng Deponia and Chaos on Deponia several months ago I hadn't started either. Apparently the collection includes a remastered version of the first game, or something?

    I'm holding off on buying Mordor, Isolation and Evil Within right now. Even though I'm itching to get into them I don't really have the time while Destiny still has me hooked, and I'm pretty sure once November 11th rolls around I'm going to be dividing my time between that and Halo 3 (unless 343 completely botched the remaster and the multiplayer is as unplayable as 4 was).

      Yell out if you're playing Destiny on XBOX One (gamertag TenaciousDogMan). I'll be happy to help with that annoying level 26 Strike. I managed to solo it for mine but I had to be a little cheap about it so it took forever.

        I am on Xbone. You solo'd it?! My wife and I tried to run it together when she finished her 500 void kill points and we couldn't even get through the door!

        Offhand would you happen to know if the person with the bounty has to get the kill or do they just have to be there? If we can both get credit for it but only do the strike once that would be ideal.

          I did it solo with a great big * next to it. =P I'm level 29, I've got fully upgraded primary and secondary weapons, and I wasn't shy about leaving the room and kiting out small groups of enemies at a time. The end part is actually the easiest bit of it. You can sort of run laps of the room staying ahead of the enemies. Not many of them have shields so you can chip them down.
          The roughest bit for me was the middle. It puts you against three yellow Wizards at once. My super couldn't take them out in one shot and they'd all just float there hammering me with their stupid chain attack. When I'd use weapons they'd hide and recharge their shields when I reloaded so I'd run out of ammo before taking off enough health to kill even one of them.

          For credit I'm pretty sure you just have to be there when the extra boss dies (it only shows up once you defeat a few waves of adds in the last fight, and only in that special version of the Strike). That's how it's worked for most bounties that involve killing a specific target. You don't even have to kill the big guy. You get credit the second the extra boss dies so in theory if one of you didn't get credit you could kill it, die, then kill it again after the encounter reset.

    Alien: Isolation DLC. Well, I'll try. Or, I won't say I'll try, but I'll try to try.

    The Evil Within, got around to finishing Alien: Isolation earlier this week. Also continuing the game of uni assignments (raaaaaaaaah)

    I'll be playing a mixture of Smite, Hyrule Warriors (New DLC) and Super Smash Bros.

      oh, there's Hyrule DLC out? You just planned my weekend for me, thank you kind sir.

    Hopefully get some game time this weekend and play some more borderlands and some more shadows of mordor.

    I've hit a general slump... I've got Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, and Alien to play, but I just don't feel like playing any of them... Might just veg out on Destiny, farm for a while. Or I might drop into Anno or EU4 for an hour or ten...

      Destiny, interrupted only by rugby (Melbourne Rising's last game in the season comp. Home final next Friday woohoo!!!) and cycling.

      Actually, this may be just the excuse I've been waiting for to actually finish Pokemon Y... The R/S promo demo on Wednesday reminded me it was pretty cool, and JB gave me a shiny Gengar to play with...

    Destiny and MInecraft Vita.............

      Tempted to get a Vita just for Minecraft so I can play on a 22 hour flight next week :P

        That flight would go by so fast with Minecraft.

    getting my team of Eveeloutions ready for pax, then ill try some wifi battles and get continually pwned by Shiny legendaries and Kaghiskhan. Still fun though.
    Might even staart work on my batman themed team

    Maybe Destiny. Maybe Alien.
    But I've started playing WoW again...

    Re-bought Blue Dragon for the 360 this week, so no doubt I'll be putting many hours in to that.

    Then some Diablo 3. I've had heaps of fun as a Witch Doctor, but now I'm restarting as a Crusader.

    Might play a bit more shadow of mordor, I feel bad for decapitating what I would call my actual nemesis in that game, Kuga Brawler ... the guy leaves me for dead and then I go back for revenge and he bests me again and again, Then he just stared hanging around with lower level captains to bait me out. I'd go to take care of the lower level captain and then he and his small army of orcs rock up, mid fight and mess my face up before he comes in for the final blow. 20 times I had to watch him stand over me and tell me I was worthless before he sauntered off into the shadows. He ended up being a legendary captain capped at 20 power and was solely responsible for ranking up several lower level captains by 2 levels or more. Still I was worthless as far as he was concerned, a tool he could use to increase his power.

    He was invulnerable to ranged attacks, stealth attacks and I sure as hell couldn't get him alone enough to make this a moderately fair fight. I ended up stalking him for 40 minutes through a stronghold waiting for him to walk close enough to the one thing I knew might turn things in my favour, but every time he walked near a fire he changes directions and went out of their range ... I managed to pin another orc to the ground that piqued his interest and he got a little to close to the fire. He was to terrified to focus and started to run, not noticing my sword strikes wittle away at his health. I was relieved when he fell because it meant the ordeal was over but I felt bad I couldn't give him a proper warriors death.

      You are making me want to go home and play this RIGHT NOW!

    With myself. Hot bath. Candlelight dinner. A bottle of sparkling wine (real champagne is ridiculously expensive), a freshly washed and ironed Bonds sock and a brand spanking new bottle of K-Y.

    I'd like to be playing the rest of WoW but instead I seem to find myself in a neverending cycle of 10min queue, 2 minute loss temple of kotmogu for this piece of shit cloak

    Shadow of Mordor. So delightfully stabby and collect-y ;-) Will probably jump into Destiny as well so I can continue trying to get to 26 for the Raid. Taking. Fucking. FOREVER.

    Borderlands Pre-Sequel (and feeling slightly guilty for not actually completing 1 & 2).

    EDIT: Hoping to spend some time on this before Civ Beyond Earth releases next week.

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    Alien Isolation of course...after dark though. Damn kids and their excessively late 7:30 bed times.

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