What Are You Playing This Weekend

I don't know what I'm going to play. Goddammit. Probably Alien: Isolation if I'm lucky. I might pick up Nidhogg on the PS4. How about you?

The truth is I've been finding a little difficult to find time for games these days. Pretty depressing. Moving into a new house. Fixing stuff in the new house, working 50+ hour weeks, looking after a teething child, fighting my wife for the TV. It's been hard times friends. I'm still only level 16 in Destiny.


Even the weekends, during the day, are sorta out, since I don't really want to be playing violent games when toddler is walking pointing at the 'TEE-DEE' when an Alien is ripping my guts out.

I need advice. Parents: how do you do it?


    Parents: how do you do it?

    Simple. I never got married :3

    As for me the season is really killing me and a lot of backup mucus is dripping down my throat and giving me a nasty chest cough. So I'm trying to overcome that by overdosing on lozenges.

    For games I'm still working on Pokemon Y and Borderlands. I may try Alien: Isolation if I get better, since I don't think I can fully enjoy that game while sneezing and coughing. Also started season 2 of Walking Dead and should probably knock that one out.

      How do you do it? Schedule less violent games for when kids are around, or at least run the game through headphones. The lack of sound seems to remove a lot of the interest for the kids, and also (hopefully) makes the game have less of an impact.

      Don't you mean Simple. I never had Sex?

      Getting married doesn't instantly mean kids.

        I was going to say I use protection but thought that would come off as mean spirited.

          "Put something on the end of it!" - Jeremy Kyle 2005

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    Remote Play. You need to find your charger, @serrels

    I'm going to be playing South Park: The Stick of Truth. So, so good. I'm giggling all the time, even at the puerile stuff. My only complaint is probably that it relies too much on self-referential humour, rather than trying to create whole new jokes. But I can live with that when it's still so fun.

    EDIT: How do I do it? I went to bed at 2am this morning.

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    Mark, I think I saw something on the PAX schedule regarding your dilemma - there could be one or more panels around gaming as a parent?

    What will I play? More PAX Pokémon prep (past 3000 eggs hatched now), Minecraft, maybe some more Far Cry 3 since I started that recently.

      How are you enjoying Far Cry 3? Had any sweet takedowns of outposts that made you go, "YEAH!" and fist pump as the triumph music plays?

      Not that I did that. Every. Single. Time.

        Best takedowns so far actually on assassination missions - wait for the target to wander a little away from the group, come sprinting out of the bushes, takedown on the run, keep sprinting across the other side.
        (Jump down gentle slope on other side of road, die from fall damage...)

    By playing late night after kids and wife have gone to bed and staying up far later than I should only to curse myself the next day at work until later that night when the cycle repeats.

    Life is a cruel mistress.

    I am not quite sure how it is done. I managed to finish the main story in Borderlands TPS and The Evil Within this week. I guess all we do is have a "one screen" rule in my house. So if my daughter is playing iPad, she cannot also be watching a movie or YouTube. The only exception is IMDB during a movie/TV, coz y'know ... I am not a MONSTER.

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      Yeah... but refering to IMDB is taking away conversation!

    going to have to giv civ BE a go, Also been playing endless legend. So if BE doesnt turn out to be so great, ive got that to go back to, and perhaps some Destiny on sunday. got most of the weekend to my self, the missus is out tonight & tomorrow night

    Hey Mark. I have a 13 month old, and simply don't sleep. 5hrs a night and my character is level 24.

    So, yeah... Destiny this weekend. And coffee. So much coffee.

      LOL No wonder you're on at the hours you are. :)

      No doubt catch you tonight then...

    Im flying interstate for a date this weekend :) But we are going to the ManaBar in Brissy so there will defs be some games goin on haha.

    Most likely more Diablo 3 on the 'Bone since I'm still waiting for Costume Quest 2.

    Also, I started watching Gotham the other night so now I'm keen for some more Arkham Origins.

      I finished costume quest 2 last night. If you loved the first one you will love this one

    I've been buying the old Donkey Kong Country/Land games on WiiU/3DS VC and having a blast, so probably just those.

    Today will be Shadow Of Mordor, tomorrow will be Bayonetta, and Sunday will be GTA San Andreas HD. Also gotta try and squeeze in some time with Forza Horizon 2 and DriveClub.

    Borderlands: TPS cover sheet with friends, then a mix of SFIV Ultra, Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories, Disgaea 4 and Etrian Odyssey Untold.

    ARMA III free weekend if the download hurries the fuck up

    While my wife is awake and playing with me: Destiny.
    If my wife decides to start Alien: Isolation: Watch_Dogs or The Wolf Among Us
    Other times: going to make a concerted effort to get into something on my 360 pile of shame. Maybe the Stick of Truth

      I literally built the pile of shame on the floor last weekend. I categorised, prioritised, and found that South Park was right near the top. Playing it now and it's great!

        I recently (like 6 monthas ago) bought some new shelves from IKEA that now houses the bulk of our game/DVD/blu ray collection and from that I have extracted the key titles on 360 that I fully intend to play and set those on the old small DVD rack immediately next to the TV. It's a modest 8 titles (with Stick of Truth among them) that represents about a third of the unfinished/unplayed games in my collection.

        The others I have effectively written off as not important enough to get to. My wife has finished pretty much everything in our collection so the money wasn't completely wasted, but my personal pile of shame is more like a bottomless pit.

    Ah Mark why do I get the feeling you're attempting to "enjoy" Destiny at your own pace? I usually do that with games I'm very excited for and I must warn you... There isn't much waiting for you in Destiny when you do that. There is no cohesion to the storyline and all the vistas you're probably breathing in... You'll be seeing a LOT more of them once you hit 20.... I mean a lot lot more....

    I highly recommend grinding out to 20 and starting your meta game... at which point you can get away with playing an hour or so a day which is the only way I manage during working days!

      This is true. I love Destiny but savouring the story is pretty much a waste of time. Get to the end, get to level 20, then enjoy actually playing the game in short bursts since you'll be rerunning missions/strikes etc for better gear. Find a friend to play with if you can, it's a wonderful game to enjoy socially.

    I'm playing this awesome iOS game called 80 Days. It's based on the Jules Verne novel and it's awesome. It's kind of like text-adventure gaming with a nice graphic overlay, and you have to make little choices and manage your route and resources as you try to get around the world in - wait for it - 80 days. I'm really enjoying it a lot.

    Also will probably watch my boyfriend play more Shadow of Mordor. I'm thinking of starting my own game after he's done, it's pretty neat.

    Shadow Warrior and The Evil Within. Love how old school Shadow warrior is, its great. Loving it.

    Yeh, i didnt think my kids (3 and 5 years old) were paying much attention to my games, and then when i was playing Hitman: Absolution , Camryn (5) asks me, "Dad, why did you kill that man and put him in a box?".
    Now i have to watch what i play before their bedtime. Keep the harder stuff for later.
    Shadow of Mordor, moral grey area, after all, they are evil orcs, not people :P

    Well ARMA 3 is free on Steam for the weekend so I'm going to try out the Battle Royale mod. Maybe play some Banished too.

    It's a busy weekend for me. I've got Civ: Beyond Earth out today (I'm going to be picking up my copy in a few hours) and Bayonetta 2 tomorrow. Between the two of them, I'm going to have my hands full, although I'll probably still spare ten minutes a day to do a few daily tasks for my Pokémon Soul Silver Nuzlocke Run.

    Well, I've just started Playthrough 2 of borderlands: The pre-sequel. Though I can't find myself being interested in replaying content I played just days ago over again.

    My brother did lend me Destiny for the PS4 so I might give it a go :)

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