What Are You Playing This Weekend

What am I playing this weekend? I'm at PAX in Melbourne so I reckon I'll most likely be playing whatever game I can be bothered queueing up to check out. That and I'll be streetpassing. What are you planning to play this weekend?

We're starting to really get into the thick of the holiday season so most likely you have a heap of newish games to play, or a back catalogue you can't manage.

I'm right there with you.

I honestly wasn't expecting much from this holiday season, but games have come along and surprised me, meaning that I feel as though I have way, way too many games that I actually want to play right now. I still haven't finished Alien: Isolation. I'm still just a pathetic Level 15 in Destiny. I haven't even started Shadow of Mordor yet.


What are you playing this weekend?


    I plan to get some Destiny in over the weekend especially if they run an interesting Halloween event. I've been neglecting it a little this week as my wife has been playing Alien ?Isolation so I've been visiting The wolf Among Us.

    the Wolf Among Us, by the way, is excellent. I've finished episode 2 and am eager to jump into the remainder.

    Aside from those, I have no firm plans. I might try and get further into Alien Isolation myself, or I might get back into Watch_Dogs.

    Alien isolation (if i don't get too scared) and tf2's new crappy re-skin update.

    Trying to complete Yoshi's Island before Binding of Isaac: Rebirth comes out. So hyped for Rebirth.

      That's what Sunset Overdrive is missing! Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy.

    Continuing my Classic difficulty bash through Xcom Enemy Within, already finished on normal but that was too easy for one with my vast skills ;)
    Man it gets tougher for sure with Second Wave options like Marathon games. Can be tricky balancing your squad when, if they get injured, they can be out of action for 24 odd days, instead of the standard 5 odd days in non-Marathon mode.
    On the plus side, its lets you spread the ranks around your soldiers a lot better as you really need to use like 18 dudes in total, not just rotating 6-10 depending on injuries

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      Hell ya Xcom is a sick game, Making me want to fire it up again.

        Yep I love Xcom.
        Thankfully my 3rd mission reward was a Sergeant Support so that lets me at least have a medic with the 3x use per healing kit skill. Mind you that doesn't help with the support chick is out injured for 4 weeks!
        Man I'd also forgotton how horrendously woeful the rookies are at hitting the side of a barn!
        My big 'tactic' though is using grenades with rookies, any time they can take down more than one alien with it. Which is easy when fighting the initials which only have 3 hp, the same damage that standard 'nades do.
        This gives them a good xp boost to get them to the next level.
        Then just gotta wait to get scopes for all.... most of my tactics depend on guys actually hitting their target, so accuracy is of great importance to me :)
        That's also why I always get holo-targetting with the heavys, and pretty much any skill/gene therapy that will improve aim/crit, especially love the new gene skill to give to snipers to let them jump up onto any roof, especially combined with the skill that gives snipers aim/crit bonus for height advantage (damn good ground I think its called, and of course Squad Sight so they can shoot at any enemy the squad can see that the sniper has LoS to)

        The other advantage of the marathon game and spreading the ranks is it should really help when I get to the "your base has been invaded" mission and it just gives you random dudes from your squad. Last time it gave me no snipers and no supports, and about half were rookies with default kit, so killing the 37 total aliens was pretty tricky, and cost me 4 or 5 rookies (which I just used as bait really).

        Love strat rpgs in general.
        Fire Emblems being my fave, followed closely by Disgaea (mainly just because I generally enjoy sword/spear/axe/bow/magic games than guns), but Xcom is for sure in my top 5 :P

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    I just finished a refresher run of Bayonetta 1 in preparation for launching into Bayonetta 2 this weekend. I'll also probably be playing some BL: TPS with friends and there'll more than likely be a mix of Etrian Odyssey Untold and Disgaea 4 in between moments.

    Finished evil within a few days ago, what a disappointment.

    I'm jealous of wii u owners who have the privilege of having bayonetta 2 as an exclusive :( Think I'll just replay the first one

      What didn't you like about evil within? I thought it was pretty enjoyable. The ending could have been handled better though and it strikes me as if it's just setting up DLC to clear some things up.

        I felt that the story was an incoherent mess, randomly shifted from locale to locale without much context or explanation. The characters were so dull, Sebastian and his cohorts seemed pretty unfazed with everything going on around them. The game's idea of 'scary' seemed to be flooding the player's face with gory scene after gory scene, which got old real fast.

        The gameplay was also a mess. The melee system was awful, which was even more of a kick in the guts when the game often didn't supply you with enough ammo to deal with the consistent onslaught of enemies. Also sebastian has a knife, but he can only use it in stealth kills??? Speaking of which, there was no incentive to use stealth because there was no stealth upgrades anyway???

          I'd have to disagree with some of this, the ending explained the location shifts nicely. The characters were a bit on the dull side, sebastians voice acting felt like a throw back to old horror games which were notorious for their deadpan delivery. They really should have fleshed out his families back story more though.

          I had no issues with the gameplay, the mellee was there to clear space when you were surrounded not to try and kill things with. If you ran out of ammo then you weren't using the environment properly. You should be scavenging for ammo and using stealth, bottles, matches, torches,disarmed traps etc to take enemies out. I only had one place I had ammo issues and I had to back track and found some ammo stores I had missed (was a long chapter and I was rushing a bit).

          It wasn't a scary game though, there was maybe 2 moments in the entire game that felt "tense" but at no point did it feel scary. I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't a "survival horror" game that was actually a "horror themed action" game in the sense that you couldn't just waltz in and shoot everyone to death because you needed that ammo for bosses.

          It wasn't anywhere near the best game of all time but I still enjoyed it.

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    A few more turns of Civ BE. Some Borderlands Pre-Sequel. Should probably also get back to ESO before I fall way too far behind my guildies.

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    Finishing off Shadow Of Mordor, also, Sunset Overdrive and Lords Of The Fallen. Maybe a bit of DriveClub if I can squeeze it in.

    Still got about 1/3 of Alien: Isolation to finish... it really just keeps going and going.
    Also might try to squeeze in some more Rainbow Moon.

    Sunset Ooooooooverdrive!!!

    Then some Diablo 3. Wanted to spend Halloween night playing Costume Quest 2 but it still isn't on the PS Store grrr. Looks like I'll just have to watch a few horror movies instead.

      I feel your pain, friend. But at least you have Sunset Overdrive goodness!

    Considering getting back into WoW before Warlords drops. I know I shouldn't but it is very, very tempting.

    After completing Danganronpa 2 recently, this includes all the minigame crap outside of the story, I've moved back to Velocity 2X which I put on the backburner when Danganronpa came out. (Danganronpa 2 was amazing btw, the final couple of chapters were just beyond amazing)

    As for Velocity 2X, muscle memory is a fucking wonderful thing, as I was back upto speed within about 10mins. Although, I'm returning to levels into the 30's so I've been getting my ass kicked still. Upto Level 40 now though and hope to have this finished and onto the DLC over the weekend.

    Lots of Sunset Overdrive on the weekend, but tonight I'll try and contribute to the "Get a Million Headshots on Halloween" timed acheivement for Evil Within on Xbox One.
    I wonder if a million people are playing, then i just need one Headshot?

    Sunset Overdrive.

    And I'll be looping the main theme from Dragon Age Inquisition.

    I'm at Pax today and I just had a go of Far Cry 4 and the Crew.. There's a kerbal space program comp later so I'm going to give that a go.

    Grimrock 2, and watch more Shippuuden. Up to ep 305. Can't.... stop...

    Just got myself Shadow of Mordor and Metro redux, they have been out a while but wanted to finish up some other games first. they will keep me busy for a while getting 100%. Kind of funny been a pc gamer for years and never cared about 100 percenting games until I got a console. #ps4masterrace : ). Pretty jelly about xbone owners getting Sunset, looks cool.

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    Picked up Lords of the Fallen from JB last night (it broke street date) but only got about an hour or so worth of play. So I will be smashing that this weekend I think.

    Erm....no idea at this stage. I'm hanging on a Mario Kart update, but I think it's wishful thinking...

    I might do the Alien: Isolation scenario missions and DLC if nothing else crops up.

    Starting tonight...
    First Sam and max though to see if I still remember it all by heart.
    X-Wing and Tie Fighter
    Oh the memories, please live up to them. Thankyou GOG for allowing me to relive them though.

    Then some Donkey Kong Country 3 if there is leftover time.

    Sunset Overdrive and probably some PAX. I'm not sure I'll make it to PAX today though. I prefer Fridays but for some reason I just feel like laying around.

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