What It Feels Like To Play Against Protoss Players In StarCraft II

What It Feels Like To Play Against Protoss Players In StarCraft II

Channelman manman’s video won’t blow away the preconception that Protoss, in the current state of StarCraft II, is overpowered. In his comparisons, he first shows Protoss units attacking as they usually do, and then with their abilities modded and humorously exaggerated.

Number one is pretty much my favourite, with all those Stalkers and their “Blink ability” set to a really short cooldown. But those of us who played competitive StarCraft experienced most of these. The zergling runby (this one’s an exception by not comparing Protoss units), the Zealots’ deadly charge and that damned Tempest and its range at the end.

How it looks vs. How it feels [YouTube]


  • It’s not just a preconception, the game is broken. Every major tournament the past few months had a PvP final except for IEM Toronto’s TvP and that had to be won by Flash… you know, that guy widely acknowledged as the best BW player in history. Otherwise, it’s all Protoss all day.

    Ditto with the still ongoing Korea National Final. As of the Ro16, most match-ups are still PvPs since everyone else just got weeded out. And since they’re using 2 player maps, it’s a dice roll of who gets immortals or blink first and the aggressor always wins 10 minute games. I don’t mind mirrors, but this is so unsatisfying and even commentators are noticing.

    • … no, the widow mine buff did a pretty good job of knocking Protoss down a peg. Dreamhack Moscow was won by a Terran, Dreamhack Stockholm was won by a Zerg in a ZvZ final. The GSL grand final will be a TvZ, the Red Bull Battlegrounds final was a TvT. The only tournament in recent memory I can remember being Protoss dominated was the KeSPA cup, which was heavily stacked with Protoss’s to begin with.

      The needle’s actually swung to Terran pretty hard recently, which is a good thing though I wish they’d find a way to make Terran late-game a bit less like Terran early and mid game writ large. I’m also not a huge fan of the TvZ “drill the fourth and starve them” strategy that was all we bloody saw in the early days of HotS and is predictably making a resurgence, though there’s a lot more variety than there was in the early days.

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