What's Changed In World Of Warcraft's Pre-Expansion Patch

The Dark Portal as we know it has closed, as Blizzard's decade-old MMORPG prepares for next month's fifth expansion pack. The world has changed. Your characters may have changed. Here's what's new before the new-new.

There's an Iron Horde Incursion world event going on, bridging the gap between the current story and the time-travelling tale of the Warlords of Draenor expansion pack. Sounds like the perfect time to get used to the sweeping class changes implemented in the patch so we can all get used to them before the expansion drops.

My favourite change however, is the implementation of the new character models. Well, most of the new character models. The undead and blood elves are going to have to wait. My new human rogue looks pretty darn dashing.

What's Changed In World Of Warcraft's Pre-Expansion Patch

Check out the official patch notes for a full explanation of what's changed, or just dive into the game yourself and find out.


    Pre-expac patch always marks my return to WoW. I'm super keen about logging in and seeing all my chars with their new models!

    New Undead models are live, actually! And they look awesome, imo.

    Im just happy that Kung-fu Panda is finally over. Although Ive been logging in sporadically for the last few months, in antisipation

    Undead models have been overhauled, They look good too.

    Goblin, Panda, Worgen and Belf models haven't been changed.

      pand wont see any changes, gob and worgen wont see any massive changes, but belf wil get their changes in the next major patch (6.1)

    Oo! Oo! You forgot the part where current content hasn't been scaled properly to compensate for the item squish!!
    Seriously, what is the PTR even for if they mess that up...

      The current content has been scaled properly.. it's the first boss of the first tier of raiding this expansion that had the bug, which has since been hotfixed.

      Seriously, complaining on patch day without knowing what your'e complaining about ;P

      Last edited 16/10/14 1:05 am

        Actually, he does know what he's talking about. There's a lot of stuff that's not been tuned properly. There's people in final tier raid gear who are post-patch being eaten by the level 84-85 pests that come up from pulling crops in Halfhill.

          And who the fxck is honestly going to be going and pulling up crops in Halfhill on the PTR? You said it yourself, 84-85 pests. 90's won't normally be doing that shit.

            What? Of course they would. The farm at Halfhill is one of the easiest ways to get crafting materials for raid buffs. Why wouldn't they be doing that?

              Thing is is that a lot of those mats are generated from the NPC's around the shrines though, last time I was on the PTR.

        its almost as if you haven't experienced it first hand... I wouldn't start making crazy critiques without experiencing it.

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