What's The Coolest Thing You've Seen In A Game Lately?

What's The Coolest Thing You've Seen In A Game Lately?

Highlight Reel is Kotaku's new feature that rounds up the best moments in gaming. Stunts, glitches, kill sprees, speedruns — if it's something impressive that happened in a game, we want to show it off!

You can watch some of our videos below, or you can check out this YouTube playlist to see them all.

Highlight reel covers everything from funny glitches in new releases to little kids playing incredibly difficult games, to two-hour-long world record arcade runs.

There are also highlights from tournaments like League of Legends, where the Worlds tournament brought one of the most intense matches ever:

Some of our posts have helpful tips, like here where a reader explained how he uses Destiny's dancing feature to increase his field of view in Control. There's also an extremely long clip of someone falling down a hill in Just Cause 2.

Kotaku US editor Stephen Totilo recommends you watch his favourite clip, where a group of GTA V players run around on a jet while it does rolls and flips. Also, one of those amazing moments that only happens in Battlefield, and the fastest Dark Souls 2 duel ever.

Is it sports you want? We'll give you sports, like this episode featuring an incredible interception for a last-minute win, and a really bizarre glitch from Sleeping Dogs.

We've got moments from games you may not have played, but can appreciate all the same. Like War Thunder, which is apparently just a game where people do crazy shit in fighter planes. Also, a hilarious glitch in The Last Of Us, and some impressive physics in Madden, and one player adds insult to injury by killing a player with a fake grenade in Counter-Strike: GO.

Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of great plays, stunts, records and other great moments from around the gaming world.


    If that kid really did that in the DK2 gif: OMG. *speechless*

    For all you Captain Falcon players out there:

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