When The PAX Floodgates Open...

If you're lucky enough to have a media badge at PAX, you get the chance to head into the venue an hour early. This time is best used scoping things out, getting your bearings, checking out a few things before the crowds get in. But my absolute favourite part of getting in early is getting to watch the exact moment when everyone else is allowed in. It's like a goddamn stampede.

This crappy, iPhone 4S recording does not do it justice.

When I first arrived into the massive hall where PAX Australia is taking place, I quietly wondered to myself why the hell all the booths were so far apart. As soon as the hordes charged in, I understood. PAX Australia is packed. You need all the space you can get.

The picture at the top of the page was the queue at 9am, one hour before opening. I never got a chance to take a pic before the doors opened, but I can only imagine the insanity.

There are a lot of people here. A lot.


    Please let us know if it ends up feeling crowded or there is inadequate space for panel audiences, as these were pretty big issues last year.

      I am very interested in hearing about this

        All round it feels less crowded. But line issues are the same.

          I didn't find that to be the case. Admittedly I didn't attend a wombat (Main) theatre panel, but I found for every thing I attended, I just rock up at the start time. Sure, people were lining up forever but there was plenty of space in side, they didn't have to line up. I only lined up once and that was the first panel I attended before I realised I didn't have to.

            Quick example. Did you go to the Hanabee store? The line was seperated onto two parts of the walk way. Just to give Hanabee more money.

            Side note why not Yangs, sad panda.

              i think the more logical reason is that they didnt want the walkway blocked so people could still walk past freely. Nothing worse in a convention than a bunch of people standing in the middle of a walkway oblivious to others

              Ah, I was thinking just panels. The lines for demo's and some store were pretty bad. I'm keen on trying the Occulus Rift, but not 30 minutes queue keen.

    I like the "running but not really running".

      But nobody doing the correct thing and turning left and making a beeline for the occulus rift

    Think I'll still wait for the steam sale. Nothing is worth that.

    Good panel today, Mark, by the way.

    Favourite non-GamerGate Guy shaming quote "Kotaku is like BLAAUGH!"

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