Why, Yes, I Would Like A Gritty Cyberpunk Grand Theft Auto

Why Yes, I Would Like A Gritty Cyberpunk Grand Theft Auto

I very much like the look of Metrocide. Metrocide is a top-down open-world-ish game in the vein of a classic (read: pre-GTA 3) Grand Theft Auto. Difference is, instead of grandly thieving autos or sticking to other small-time crimes, you're a contract killer.

Your goal? To hunt down various targets using an ever-expanding array of gadgets and turn them into cybernetically enhanced paste — but, you know, discretely.

Your itsy bitsy man-ant — though a teensy bit more murder-prone than his peers — is just as kill-able as anybody, meaning that run-ins with looming police drones don't typically go your way. It's as Gandalf once said: "Keep it secret, keep it safe, dump the body in an open manhole before that thick-as-a-brick fuckhead over there notices." This is especially key given that death is permanent in this one. No respawns with all your gear magically intact.

The structure of the game world itself is also interesting, given that portions of it are procedurally generated. Citizen names, for instance, are pulled from a randomised version of the 2013 U.S. census.

Metrocide looks like quite a thing, especially for a small indie production. It's no Watch_Dogs, but in some ways that's a good thing. Besides, everybody already knows that Gunpoint is Watch_Dogs' smarter, more focused indie cousin. Metrocide appears to be its own animal — a stew of Grand Theft Auto, cyberpunk classic Syndicate, and its own juices — and that's just grand.

It will be out on Steam in October — aka, very soon.


    After Deus Ex and Syndicate (yes, despite the complaints and that fact it was banned from Australia I think it's ok) we need a resurgence on cyberpunk games.

      ahhh syndicate. loving it, although i have an older ATI card so i get characters in the game look like they dont appear. this here kind of looks like a 16 bit top down shadowrun. i like it!

      God damn syndicate was a mad game (and really wasnt that violent apart from the train scene)
      i love those neon / cyberpunk style games

      Satellite Reign sounds and looks like it may be fantastic. It's based on the old Syndicates, and it looks like it's made by people who respected those games.
      And Shadowrun Returns is great if you haven't played that

      You obviously know about Satellite Reign being made here in Aus?

    Syndicate was great. I thought it got banned coz you could make people kill themselves?
    Other than that it wasnt even that violent

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