Win! One Of Five Copies Of Alien: Isolation!

Alien: Isolation is now in-stores and it's genuinely one of the most terrifying video games I've ever played. We've got a hold of five copies of the Nostromo Edition on PS4 (alongside five DVD copies of the original Alien movie) and we want to give them away to you. Yes you.

All we need from you is one simple thing...

We want you to create a distress video. You know the kind: "I'M STUCK ON THIS WEIRD SHIP OVERRUN BY ALIENS OH MY GOD COME PLEASE QUICK! ARGGGHH!"

Please see the above example for reference. Please note: we got way too excited and hired a smoke machine. We wanted to get our money's worth.

The distress signal trope is a true humdinger in both cinema and video games, so you've got plenty to go on. It's also worth pointing out that for this comp we're looking for creativity, not necessarily high-end production values. Just make it funny/awesome/original. That's all we ask. It doesn't matter if it was shot on an iPhone camera in your bathroom, that sort of thing won't factor into the judging.

To enter simply create a distress video. There are no rules. Just be 'distressy'. Go nuts! Drop a YouTube/Vimeo link in the comments below to enter!

You can find our competition terms and conditions here.


    The main characters name is Ripley! There, I answered the question, do I win?

    ...ah crap, you have to do a video to win. That's me out.

      Ellen Louise Ripley!

      *Insert fanboi cackle here*

        Err... It's Amanda Ripley.

        But thanks for playing :)

          Both are pictured on the page...your point is only semi valid! :D

    haha too much effort.
    Look forward to watching the entries of those that could be bothered.

    The best emergency broadcast of all time

    Man, feels like ages since I last saw a competition around the place. Would be nice to be able to come up with something.

    I think ill give it a shot just cos it sounds fun :3

    This... will be great.... Muahahaha. ill see if i can enter in my own

    I'm tempted to give this a try with my brother :) hahaha

    :( Not that much of video guy. I'll skip this one out

    Watched that with sound off.... Childishly thought the distress was from farting and "kicking an own goal"....

    Once seen it can't be unseen...

    Last edited 08/10/14 2:49 pm

    So I just found myself sitting with a blanket over my head in a darkened room recording one... stopped midway and realized this is probably the reason I'm currently unemployed. :P

      Hope that didn't sound snarky. I think this is an excellent competition. Can't wait to see the entries. :)

      Did you do the whole "Leave Britney alone!" thing while you were at it? :P

    My submission!:

      Winner! (also, only entry as at time of writing this post)*

    Geez... *DVD* copies of a film all of us should own already?

    Also, shouldn't there be a mandatory requirement of putting more effort than this:

    I love video Comps. I want to enter but no idea if I'll get time. I learnt video editing as a result of one of these comps so encourage everyone to get involved.

    If anyone can see this message please send help my camera is broken, my phone has 1 bar, and my laptop is down to it's last 5%. Please Someone Help M................

    I think it would be someone running from someone in an alien suit to the benny hill theme. That would be the winner.

    SOOOOOO doing this after work!!!! Hope i can have it uploaded in time!

    Too much effort for me. Shame as the game looks great. Good luck every one else!!!

    You need Monster Hunters!

    Do my kids win?

    Fingers Crossed I get a prize!! Hope you enjoy my entry:

    yo marky mark! check out this video

    This entry has been shared posthumously by Matthew J Hellscream's surviving family members. Heed his warning.

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