Win! One Of Five Copies Of Alien: Isolation!

Alien: Isolation is now in-stores and it's genuinely one of the most terrifying video games I've ever played. We've got a hold of five copies of the Nostromo Edition on PS4 (alongside five DVD copies of the original Alien movie) and we want to give them away to you. Yes you.

All we need from you is one simple thing...

We want you to create a distress video. You know the kind: "I'M STUCK ON THIS WEIRD SHIP OVERRUN BY ALIENS OH MY GOD COME PLEASE QUICK! ARGGGHH!"

Please see the above example for reference. Please note: we got way too excited and hired a smoke machine. We wanted to get our money's worth.

The distress signal trope is a true humdinger in both cinema and video games, so you've got plenty to go on. It's also worth pointing out that for this comp we're looking for creativity, not necessarily high-end production values. Just make it funny/awesome/original. That's all we ask. It doesn't matter if it was shot on an iPhone camera in your bathroom, that sort of thing won't factor into the judging.

To enter simply create a distress video. There are no rules. Just be 'distressy'. Go nuts! Drop a YouTube/Vimeo link in the comments below to enter!

You can find our competition terms and conditions here.


    With my bad acting I came out with this:

    edit: same vid, improved special effects

    Last edited 09/10/14 5:44 am

    Hope this link worked. First time I've used youtube

    Took a while to upload (darn you Aussie net speeds) but hopefully it was worth it.
    My submission:
    Enjoy :D

      Love that scream at the end :D Very Homer Simpson-like

    I'm not a big fan of being on camera so this happened

      Haha - would be a crime if that didn't win one. Also, love the random relevant H&A clips you found, did that take long?

        Haha, Cheers mate. Yeah took a solid hour of YouTube searching and then a few hours of putting it together. Started about 1030pm and you can tell what time I posted it that I'm still trying to catch up on sleep

    - "How do we get people to rescue us?"
    - "Make it as appealing as possible"

    Last edited 09/10/14 1:07 pm

      Love how its essentially luring people to a death trap :D "See monsters in the most realistic costume design you've ever witnessed!"

    Oh why not

    I would do an entry, but I enjoy things like being able to sleep, not shiver or jump at shadows. Hold me.

    Last time I entered a kotaku video competition I burnt the carpet and didn't win. Never again.

    Oh god, the shame..

    Alien Isolation - Kotaku:

    So this is my legit entry, didn't have time to add any old timey piano music...... also didnt know how :P

    Alright, I'm back and here's my 'OMG WTF did I just watch?' entry explaining why I haven't posted for a while. Sorry to disappoint some of you, but it's only 720p/30fps.

    Warning: Semi NSFW.


    The following footage contains REAL aliens....

    Once upon a time I won something in a Kotaku competition, still waiting on that copy of Crysis 2 :P

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