Witness My Futile Attempt At Upholding The Law In A Cop Simulator

Look, I'm not a cop. I'd have to tell you if I were a cop, but I'm totally not a cop. Garry Copman, on the other hand, is a fully-fledged police officer. His duties include giving out tickets for minor infractions of the law — small things like broken tail-lights, expired licenses and vehicles illegally parked in the sky.

Join Garry Copman in the above video as he takes to the streets in Enforcer: Police Crime Action — a rather wonky but strangely entertaining sandbox police simulator. It's by no means polished, but that's where most of the fun lies.


    "My god, that's the most illegally parked car I've EVER seen."

    I have to use that at some point. That was great.

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