World Of Warcraft Bugs Turn Black Characters White

World of Warcraft Bugs Turn Black Characters White

World of Warcraft now has new character models. They're a visual improvement, but for some they have come at a cost, with many complaining that their dark-skinned characters are now looking much lighter.

Posts like this have been popping up on the game's forums complaining about the issue, as people installed the patch and found drastic changes had been made to their beloved human and worgen characters.

New characters could still be given darker skin tones, as you can see below. The problem is that the patch is turning existing dark-skinned characters into white ones (as you can see up top).

World of Warcraft Bugs Turn Black Characters White

Accusations of digital "white-washing" were quickly levelled at Blizzard, but the company says it's an error that's currently being patched out.

A Blizzard rep tells Kotaku:

We introduced new character models with today's patch and ran into a bug where some of our new HD textures are appearing too light when the lighting hits them at certain angles. We're working on an update for that and will get it implemented as quickly as possible.

We also have a similar issue with Worgen skin options, but it's based on a different bug. Worgen customization options are linked between each form (Human and Worgen), and we found an error in how we numbered the texture files used to set which skin tones are linked between them. This means that some Worgen players out there are seeing a pretty stark mismatch, which is due to the game simply pointing at the wrong texture file. We're in the process of working on a patch to address this issue as well, and we expect that to go out as soon as tomorrow.


    Obviously a bug and not a malicious thing.

      well the article states its a bug :) don't think anyone has come out and said Blizzard are maliciously racist.

        Well, someone in a dark, slimy corner of a forum somewhere will have, but those people will say anything.

    Jesus if people arent calling this Segre-Gate they are missing a golden opportunity

    I'm pretty confident that they didn't intend for Death Knight AoE abilities to injure and disease the caster, too. More than just a couple bugs in this patch.

    Blizzard has been taken over by a secret cabal of white supremacists.

    The Michael Jackson bug

      Soon all male humans will be amazing singers.

      Beat me to it :)

    My orcs white hair changed to black >:|
    Clearly Blizzard want my orc to be younger than he is.




    Last edited 16/10/14 9:43 am

    People taking an obvious glitch too far?
    I mean seriously, they release an update to the character models and of course there may be glitches in it. I logged onto my Tauren and when I first went to the barber to change my hairstyle, I noticed my face was not the one that corresponded to my character. Obvious stuff-up of file numbering. Did I complain about some form of bias with changing my face? No. I saw a glitch and fixed it.

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