Wow, Super Smash Bros Wii U Will Have Eight-Player Battles

Wow, Super Smash Bros. Wii U Will Have Eight-Player Battles

If you and your seven friends have always wished you could play Smash on the same television, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros will let groups of up to eight people play together, Nintendo just announced during their live event.

You can have five-player battles, six-player battles, and — crazily — eight-player battles on some stages in the upcoming Wii U game, which is out November 21.


    Sooo... did they mention any details on how on earth this works? I didn't know the Wii U could even take that many controllers at once.

      Yes they did! But by accident it seems. It says on the 3DS menu when connecting that you can connect up to 8 3DS's to the Wii U as controllers. Add 4 from normal wireless controller means and you can really stack up the players

      No word yet if you can make 8 players with the gamecube controller + wireless controllers to make 8. But that'd be neat.

        Check the post below. You can totally even have eight GCN controllers alone!

          See I thought that was a thing, but when they showed the GC Adapter I saw it needed 2 USB ports to be used. I know there's some on the back but I was like "nah there's no way"

          Cool though! Thanks for that mate.

        The GameCube adapter HAS to allow this.

      @SmashMiiverse's Tweet:

        Well, crap. Now I gotta get two GameCube adapters.

          You have that many friends and are able to get them in one room comfortable AT THE SAME TIME?


            No. BUT WHAT IF I COULD!

            Well actually we kind of do maybe once a year or so, but would easily be able to do it anyway because we all haul our equipment along for the ride, but I like to be self-sufficient like that.

    Two consoles? Online? Who knows.

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