X-Wing, Tie Fighter Are FINALLY Getting Digital Re-Releases

X-Wing, Tie Fighter Are FINALLY Getting Digital Re-Releases

Jeez, it only took decades, but two of the finest space combat games - not to mention best Star Wars games — of all time are about to get a re-release.

Special downloadable versions of both X-Wing and Tie Fighter will soon be released on Good Old Games. They will be $US10 each.

For that price you're getting not just the special editions of the games (which had slightly higher resolutions and improved sound, as well all of both games' expansions), but more importantly they will be editions of the games that will run on a modern PC without needed to tinker.

The Special Edition offered here, includes Star Wars™: TIE Fighter and Star Wars™: TIE Fighter - Defender of the Empire, both in the 1994 and 1998 versions!

The Special Edition offered here, includes Star Wars: X-Wing Collector's CD-ROM and both Tour of Duty expansions: Imperial Pursuit and B-Wing.

It's crazy that it's taken this long. These games were two of the giants of PC gaming in the 1990s, and from the mission design to the combat still hold up very well today. If you've never played either of them, but keep hearing people like me blabbing on about how fucking fantastic they were/are, this is going to be $US10 well spent.

Note that the announcement of both games comes via a GoG forum notice, which spilled the beans a little early. Similar postings reveal other classic Lucasarts games will also be coming to GoG, such as Fate of Atlantis, KOTOR and Sam & Max (though of course they're exciting, since they have long been available on services like Steam).

Given the timing of the posting, it looks like both X-Wing and Tie Fighter will be available as early as tomorrow.

Tie Fighter [GOG] X-Wing [GOG] (via Sir_Crocodile @ NeoGAF]

X-Wing, Tie Fighter Are FINALLY Getting Digital Re-Releases


    I hope the person responsible for cancelling 1313 chokes on a crayon.

      It's back on hold. They are apparently lookinh for a 3rd party to make it. But I agree fully.

        Well that is good news!

          Now that's what I call... JUSTICE.


    Is this of interest to you @highperformance?

      I have never played these games, but I feel it is my duty to donate $10 to this magnificent humanitarian movement.

        Ahhh you were X-Wing Alliance eh! Will you be online tonight mang?

          I have played Tie Fighter, but I don't know if they just have a similar name. The HUD looks different from what I remember, May have been X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, I'll have to check that. Yeah Mang, drove my car to work today so I can get home earlier lol.

            The cockpit screenshot in this article is from X-Wing. TIE Fighter looked very different.

              You're right, I don't think I even looked at the articles picture to be honest... somebody posted a link with the TIE Fighter game I think. I remember the screenshot above, it brought back some nostalgia :P

    When they say "Sam & Max", do they mean "Hit the Road" or the 3D episodic series? Hopefully they mean the original game because that isn't on Steam. I have the original CD, but it's more convenient to not have to screw around with ScummVM.

      I'm pretty sure Sam & Max Hit the Road is coming to GoG and yeah, pretty sure Luke is wrong about that being available on Steam.

      Day of the Tentacle, too.

      Given that the 3D Sam & Max games weren't produced by Lucasarts, it can only mean Sam & Max Hit the Road.

    I never played these but would be very interested in doing so. I remember reading about them back in the day but not owning a sufficient PC to play them.

    If anyone knows - will I be able to use a controller for these? Or are there too many buttons/commands required?

      I've been using a PS3 controller remapping keys as needed on the version I've managed to make run so far. Should be fine on an official version

      It'd be neat if they could implement a controller, I'd be quite happy using both controller and keyboard. They didn't use an excessive amount of keys from memory.

    I remember trying to play these games on my old PC back in the day and it bitching at me because i didn't have a joystick.

    So, time to hack them to work on the Rift?

      You know what. I might try to do this. I have no idea what I'm doing but it seems like a worthy goal.

    The links get a 404 now :(

      Yep, and in 6 hours they have an announcement of a new publisher...hmm ;)

      Not any more :)


    TIE Fighter is still one of the best games ever made. I hope the version they're putting up has the rad dynamic MIDI music based on iMUSE though, and not the crappy digital audio version from the Win95 re-release they did of the game on the XvT engine

      I really liked how the improvements such as speeding up time (for waiting for enemy ships to arrive), the way they portrayed the Empire (eg bringing peace between warring planets by intervening in conflicts - something those wussy Jedi didn't in Ep 1) and the intrigue.


      im with you!

      i found my old tie fighter collectors edition cd... but i dont have a CD drive anymore :(

      i have a joystick,i will be waiting to get these tomorrow now...

      how awesome!!!!!

    X-Wing and TIE Fighter?...




    Hey guys I'm selling a whole heap of rose coloured nostalgia glasses here as well....

    No X-Wing vs TIE Fighter? :(

      Sadly the base game had a heavy multiplayer aspect. While the expansion had a single player campaign (and used the incorrect 8km size for the super star destroyer), most of the good stuff was multiplayer, and while there were bots, the bots were nowhere near as fun as other players, and i'm not sure that there is a way to patch in modern server hosting.

      I don't have fond memories of that game. For starters, the concussion missiles were too instant-kill.

    Day of the Tentacle please!

      I still have a 486 that works with a copy of DotT and both xwing and tie fighter.
      I was never very good at DotT =/

    Hm, still have X-wing & B-wing expansion on floppy disk with the manuals..

    Now if they were going to release Star Wars Rebellion, I'd be up for that.

    I got them this morning, had a mission in tie fighter before work (old mouse version).
    I cant wait to get my joystick out and have a play, will be soo much fun

    The big question here is, Does the TIE Fighter re-release include "Enemies of the Empire" in addition to "Defender of the Empire"?

    I doubt I'm the only person who wonders why we can't get a reboot of this series now. Yes, I loved these games back in the day, but who doesn't want to see what they can do with Star Wars space combat with modern technology. The new Star Wars arcade game shows you the potential that the property has.

    The thing that used to bother me the most about the old games was perspective—capital ships were like maybe 10 times as long as your starfighter (nit-picky, I know, but I'm a geek so gimme everything I want now!).

      Battlefront was pretty good though and it had space combat. So my question is why Battlefront 3 is taking so long.

      TIE Fighter's design is still so refined that you could actually probably take it and simply swap out the graphics for something using modern rendering techniques etc. and keep the underlying gameplay the same and it'd feel like a current game.

      Wouldn't work well on a console though so they'd probably never do it. :(

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