Xbox One Is Getting A 'Holiday' Price Drop In The US

Starting on November 2, the no-Kinect Xbox One and two of its related bundles will be sold at a discounted price of $US349.

The price cut applies to the Kinect-less XBO Assassin's Creed Unity bundle and the also Kinect-less XBO Special Edition Sunset Overdrive bundle, the contents of which are detailed in the announcement (and the video above). Each will cost $US349.

Two more bundles, the XBO Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle and the Kinect XBO Assassin's Creed Unity bundle, will also be available for a discounted $US449.

The cut applies to the standard consoles as well, with Kinect-less and Kinect Xbox Ones selling for $US349 and $US449, respectively.

Currently, the promotion is US only, with the announcement noting that "regional availability and timing outside the US will vary." It will run for a total of two months, ending on January 3, 2015.

Xbox One Available for $US349 Starting November 2; Up to $US150 in Savings [Xbox Wire]

Note: We're currently chasing information on a local price drop in Australia. We'll update if such a price drop exists.


    BIG W is selling the kinectless AC:U bundle, with black flag and forza horizon 2 for 478 (which can be lowered with the friends/family promotion going on that day).

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    One year in and two price drops (mind you this 2nd one is temp) and a SKU change to no Kinect.
    For a console that is selling faster than 360 did this seems like a move of desperation when not needed.
    Maybe things are a case of most people will buy either just PS4 or XB1 this gen rather than both like past gens or maybe they just want enough people using this as their main machine for the sake of software attach rate?
    Regardless this is the perfect example of healthy competition making things good for us, dropping enough to $349US 1 year in is unheard of.

      Yep, the machine is great value for the consumer at that price.

      Honestly I think (and it’s been said by others) that MS would be very happy with the current sales of the Xbone if they existed in a vacuum.

      I think the issue is they see SO many PS4’s being sold and are concerned about it becoming dominant to the point that it just engulfs the (still sucessful) Xbone.
      In most console races there’s a tipping point where one side gets far enough ahead that developers target their larger user base for exclusives and the lead just increases exponentially from there.

      MS are probably just trying to peg Sony back a bit with some short-term price cuts. It’s going to be a LONG race and while Sony will almost certainly win MS will want to stay competitive for as long as possible. As you can see it’s good for all of us if they do!

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