You Can Buy Just About Every 3D Realms Game Ever For $19.99

Hey, do you like old video games? Of course you do. Were you a fan of the work 3D Realms did? Of course you are. Would you like to buy almost every game 3D Realms ever made for $19.99? Well I guess that's up to you, I should presume to know your mind!

That's precisely what you can do if you click this here link. That's 32 games for $19.99. You could do worse.

The games available are...

- Arctic Adventure - Bio Menace - Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold - Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy - Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons - Math Rescue - Monster Bash - Mystic Towers - Paganitzu - Monuments of Mars - Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure - Crystal Caves - Death Rally - Alien Carnage - Hocus Pocus - Major Stryker - Blake Stone: Planet Strike - Realms of Chaos - Pharaoh's Tomb - Word Rescue - Secret Agent - Raptor: Call of the Shadows - Terminal Velocity - Wacky Wheels - Stargunner - Shadow Warrior - Wolfenstein 3D - Rise of the Triad: Dark War - Duke Nukem - Duke Nukem 2 - Duke Nukem 3D - Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

You can also buy all of these games separately here if you'd rather.

It's all part of a 3D Realms relaunch apparently.

3D Realms is back. After a historic 22 years of kicking ass and not chewing gum, the legendary developer is returning with new talent, new games and a renewed passion for innovative experiences. So, to mark the relaunch of the official 3D Realms website and the release of the 3D Realms Anthology, we’re taking a brief look at the landmark achievements of a developer that went on to define a decade.


    Are these steam activated? Unfortunately these classic I just want to add to my library...

      No Steam. Some of these games are separately available on Steam, but this anthology doesn't give you those there.

    My god! A glorious, fully orchestrated version of the Apogee Games theme just played in my head...


    Even though it got released with a bunch of other stuff as freeware a couple of years ago :P

    Still, that's really cool. Wait, DRM-free? Crap, now it's tempting.

      Oh man, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure! I remember playing that at my uncle's place, I had no idea what it was though, just "that alien game with the suction cup and the lollipops". Which sounds totally gross when you put it like that.

        I may buy it just for that! Our old DOS computer only had the first episode loaded on it, never got to play part 2 and 3.

    Man... Secret Agent and Crystal Caves tho!

    Might need to get them tonight.

    wouldn't mind this just for Manhattan project. I liked that game but never got to Finnish it before i lost my copy.

    Oh wow. This is incredibly tempting. As a kid I used to buy all those shareware packs in the supermarkets so a lot of these titles were part of my childhood. Raptor is a close second to Tyrian in terms of my favourite shmup ever.

    At this point I'm a little surprised that you can't just flat out buy 3D Realms for $19.99

    Holy crap, now this is a blast from the past, i remember having a pack from Eureka Software that had 1001 shareware games which had every 3D Realms/ Apogee shareware game, i am glad that i can buy the full versions of these games again.

    I just want that vita port of Duke 3D already.
    This is a great deal but until I can afford one of those Pc streaming handhelds (nVidia shield?) I won't get to play them.

    Got this before work this morning. Can't wait to get home and fire them up! I actually got Terminal Velocity via GOG last week, and it's just as fun as I remember it being!

    This is a great deal - especially for those of us that are 25 and up - nostalgia overload!

      I sunk so many hours into that game when I was younger...

      so, so many hours.

        Me too. The (incredible) soundtrack is burned into my brain too :)

    Geez there are some nostalgic titles from my past including Blake Stone, Commander Keen, Death Rally, Terminal Velocity, Wolf3d, Duke and Triad. I think my fave was Commander Keen but :P

    Biomenace, Keen(s), Mystic Towers, Paganitzu, Death Rally, Raptor, Pharaoh’s Tomb, Alien Carnage.......sold

    Paganitzu!! Oh my god, I spent so much time playing that with friends on my 486.
    Halloween Harry is free! oh man I might just pay the $20 even though I have some already on steam and GOG.

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