You Can Buy Replica One Piece Swords For $1000

You Can Buy Replica One Piece Swords for Nearly $US1,000

Calling all One Piece fans! (With money to burn.) Now, you can buy some of the most famous swords from the famed manga and anime series.

Toho Animation is teaming up with Japanese sword craftsmen for a series of four replica One Piece blades. These are expensive replicas that are built-to-order and are not mass produced.

While they're replica swords sold via Amazon and not actual katana, capable of slicing tatami mats in half, the handle and the coating is supposedly similar to what you'd find with the real deal. These certainly sound like collector's items.

Three of them — the Wado Ichimonji, the Sandai Kitetsu, and the Shusui — are wielded by One Piece character Roronoa Zoro.

You Can Buy Replica One Piece Swords for Nearly $US1,000

The Sandai Kitetsu is priced at 99,800 yen ($1063).

You Can Buy Replica One Piece Swords for Nearly $US1,000

Here's the Wado Ichimonji for 79,800 yen ($850).

You Can Buy Replica One Piece Swords for Nearly $US1,000

And the Shusui for 79,800 yen ($850).

The last sword is carried by pirate Trafalgar Law, which is priced at 99,800 yen ($1063).

You Can Buy Replica One Piece Swords for Nearly $US1,000

That's cheaper than the bounty on his head, no?

Note that these prices do not include sales tax.

武道具メーカーの東山堂から『ONE PIECE』、ゾロやローの名刀を再現した本格美術刀剣が登場! [One]


    Import from Japan and it will go to our immigration officers house.

      depends on the state, NSW it will pass through with no problem (having just recently purchased a sword for my brother, I had no issues with authorities at all)
      Victoria is a big no though, Queensland I believe is fine providing you get a permit from the police and it is stored safely either on a wall mount or something similar, other states I am not sure about.

        I am in Victoria :(. You can't even buy the Zelda Shield without getting a permit.

          Nah (Bot not far from the truth in many cases) The only weapons you actually need a permit for is knives. The metal Zelda shields are completely legal
          Swords can be purchased and imported legally if you belong to a registered collectors or reenactment group. For example the Victorian historical and edged weapons collectors guild offers yearly membership at a practical cost.

            I had a friend that bought the Zelda Shield and they refuse to deliver the shield and ask for a permit as it is considered as a weapon category. Quite a fiasco over the issue but I'm not sure how the issue end up.

              Wow I'm actually surprised. I import more than a few blades every year and have yet had any issues. My membership seems almost decorative since I have never had to use it. (But I know I have it should the need arise obviously)

              The most trouble I had was having a secure storage box made to house them correctly. (I can't bolt it to the floor since I rent)

    Also, if you are buying a replica, you can probably do much much better than a $1000 price tag if you shop around, there are plenty of places churning out solid quality replica anime swords for a sub 500 or even 300 dollar tag. the katana I bought is a sharp full tang carbon steel blade with iron fittings
    and I got it into australia from the US paying about $330 I believe

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