You Like Earthbound?

Briefly: The cool people at Fangamer are running a Kickstarter for a bunch of stuff including an Earthbound handbook, an album and a documentary. Back it here.


    I backed the hell out of this this morning! I love the Fangamer team so much.

      I support your support of something you support with an upvote, sir!

      Never heard of Fangamer, myself, however they had me at Earthbound.

        Ma'am ;)

        You should check out their website! They sell really cool merch inspired by awesome games. One of my favourite t-shirts ever is my Eagleland team shirt -

          My apologies, my good Ma'am.

          And please no! The doctor says I'll stop turning into the creature only if I keep my awesome t-shirt addiction in check!

          I'm going to check it out, but I want you to shoot me if anything goes wrong....

    Backed the shit out of this. Offering some really cool stuff. Plus the Fangamer dudes make some amazingly good stuff.

    They got to $104,000 in just over 24 hours! God I love that community <3

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