YouTube Finally Supports 60FPS, And It Looks Awesome

Earlier this year, YouTube announced plans to support videos running at 60 frames-per-second — plans that would make a huge difference for footage of video games. Today, the video network has finally started rolling out the new service, and you can already tell that this is going to be wonderful.

You need Google Chrome to watch YouTube videos at 60FPS, and you need to watch them in HD, but my god, they look goddamn phenomenal. I mean, look at the Mario Kart 8 video above. (Make sure you set it to 720p or 1080p first.) Look how smooth that is.

Here's a Skyrim glitch video, also running at 60FPS, sent to us by reader Jimmie:

The future is now.


    Sadly, whilst I'm sure it is possible to watch youtube videos in 60fps in some places, australia is still the land of the internet quota and I shudder to think what watching say, a 6 hour League of Legends stream? at 1080p 60fps would do to my 500gb cap.

      Thanks to video compression its not nearly as bad as you think - it's probably still around the same bandwidth.

        Only if the compression is higher than a norma 30FPS video, which would lead to worse IQ.

        You are downloading 2 frames instead of 1. My shitty WA internet struggles to buffer 720p60fps youtube vids (tried these two) but normal 720p vids are fine, with 1080p struggling.

        So 720p60fps youtube is, by that reasoning, about as 'big' as 1080p30FPS content.

          It sounds like you're talking about how video compression appears to a layman, but there are way more factors at play in video compression, and you are certainly not downloading 2 frames instead of 1.

            Um, 60fps vs 30fps. Also, I'm a video editor.. I understand video compression more than a 'layman'.

            Also, don't mistake what I'm saying, I'm not saying that the file size will necessarily double, but if you are using the same compression settings on both clips of course the 60fps file is going to be larger!

            Last edited 30/10/14 7:12 pm

              It is going to be larger, but given that the p frames and/or b frames will each be simpler, it compensates significantly.

                Yes, but it is bigger...

                  Nobody ever said it wasn't...

      Is that monthly? In my country it's 30 gig per month, a gig per day. Everywhere in the world, we should fight against the greedy ISPs and their quest to eradicate unlimited data to introduce tier-based pricing due to some non-existent shortage.

    ... and that's why I get my arse kicked online. Nice looking video, but what it showed was depressing.

    I know I'm going to get knee-jerk down votes for this, but I reckon this could unsettle a lot of console players, especially those who play games that demand twitch reactions like Battlefield and Forza for example.

    A lot of gamers watch YouTube videos. You only have to look at guys like FrankieIn1080p's view count to see that. Not all of those people are PC gamers either. So 3, 6, 9 months time; these people will have watched dozens of 60fps videos of their favourite games and have to go back to their consoles that are outputting a lower quality.

    That could definitely change community perception toward acceptable frame-rate.

      But look at how un-cinematic that Mario kart footage is! Jeez, that AND bright colours?! Might as well give up on goty now...

      I hope it changes perceptions because I'm sick and tired of the ridiculous notion that 30 FPS can be subjectively better than 60 and above, or that 60 doesn't "matter".

    I watch all my YouTube through the Xbox One App. I wonder if that will become 60fps eventually.

      It will have a variable framerate but you will only be able to do 900p

    God, MK8 is such a pretty game..

      8 player smash at 1080/60 will be glorious. I'll barely ever get enough people together for it myself, but it will be great to live it vicariously through YouTube without losing anything.

        Believe me, you'll be losing friends faster than you can gain them when playing 8 player Smash. Friends have been lost for less.

    Good thing it's optional. I can only do 360p on my current internet speeds.

    Maybe I'm just used to playing at 30FPS (2560x1600) but I'm not noticing too much of a difference. Nothing that makes me say "Wow, 60fps is game-changing"

      Bayonetta videos look rather different at 60fps. You should be able to compare the 30fps YouTube trailer against the one uploaded by platinum to vimeo.

    I can't think of a technical reason why you'd need Chrome for this, so I'll go ahead and assume it's just a ploy by Google to make more users switch to Chrome.

      You don't need chrome for this..... You do need to support html5 player, however.
      It also works in Safari, so perhaps you need a webkit browser too.

      EDIT: Just tried it with html5 player in Firefox [you have to go to to enable it]. But still no option for 60FPS. It must be webkit!]

      If you don't want Chrome, use Chromium! [Tested and it works with Chromium].
      It's the open source browser which Chrome is based off, without the Google branding and addons.

      Last edited 30/10/14 3:38 pm

        And what if I prefer Firefox?

        Not that it matters as I doubt I'll be watching much 60FPS youtube anyway.

    But i don't want to use Chrome :(

      As mentioned above, you can use Chromium, which is the open source project Chrome is based off of, without the Google branding.

      Or, just use Chrome because it's awesome ;-)

    And yet people still swear that the extra FPS makes no difference in games.....or accept the "we target 30fps" argument.

    1080p60 and 720p60 options available in Maxthon too.

    Looks great too,.. I hope this becomes a standard option for live sporting events on YouTube.
    The framerate is the only thing that lets those broadcasts down.

    Wow 60fps seems so much smoother, though yeah bandwidth is a legitimate issue for 'stralia until the NBN is available EVERYWHERE and competitively priced and a solid amount of data is available =) Until then i'll stick to 480p i think

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