10 Hours Of Walking Around In Skyrim (While Wearing Skimpy Armour)

How do Skyrim's townsfolk react to seeing a player walk around in suggestive body mods? They don't. They just repeat the same lines they'd say normally, but that's exactly what makes this video funny.

Shinji72 decided to "recreate" a video you may have seen floating around recently, where a woman walks around New York for ten hours while documenting some of the street harassment she experienced. It's worth noting that, unlike this Skyrim parody, the original video made a point of dressing the woman in normal, everyday clothes — but she was still harassed left and right.

For reference:

While I'm not sure about Shinji72's intent with the Skyrim video — it would be easy to read it as something that downplays how awful the real-life harassment video is, since it's sort of making fun of it — I do think the result is fascinating. Obviously, the NPCs would react in the exact same way were this a male character. Still, the context here means we read some of what the NPCs say a little differently.

Lines like "you should see me when you get bored, stranger" come off as catcalls in this context, even if that's not actually what they are. I don't note this to, like, demonise the game or anything, though I do think it highlights how weird it is that people in games are programmed to react to you whenever you walk by.

Finally, whatever mod was used in this video? That's definitely not how boobs work. Unless you're trying to recreate Ryse breasts, that is.

10 hours walking in Skyrim as a woman in skimpy armour [Shinji72]


    #Gamergate manbabies activate! Yes, your near pyscopathic disregard for all women is justified - and yes, you are right, Patricia is a useless hack who is purposfully tormenting you.

    "how are you this morning?" "Have a nice evening" and "how you doin?" are hardly sexual harassment. the crap on either side of them was but those instances were clearly just filler to make it seem worse than it was. Its like someone here goin "hey mate" on the street and loosing your shit.

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      Don't be naive, even if the content of the language is not explicit, it's sexually suggestive. A man doesn't get "how you doin?" walking down the street, to say nothing of winks and eyeballing girls get on a daily basis. It devalues people into sex objects, so stop looking for reasons to excuse this behaviour. This isn't just one obscure, doctored YouTube clip either, but an entire subgenre of videos that began in Cairo.


      The men in this video rarely said anything to the decoy, but if you seriously think body language and male gaze have nothing to do with it, you're cracked.

        Any time I make eye contact with anyone they're getting a "hey" or wuddup equivalent. Its common courtesy, not sexual harassment. You don't make eye contact then say nothing. It's rude.

          *My anecdotal account of personal interaction trumps your history of systemic objectification. It's absurd that you think it's all due to incidental and harmless eye contact when the woman is obviously walking with her eyes dead on but is still being approached (and followed). That's not greeting, it's catcalling.


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            lol, remind me to never say hi to you on the street, I may end up imprisoned for rape.

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              Completely missing the point. Are you able to separate two disparate thoughts in your brain? Let's go over this real slow to clear up any misunderstanding you believe is going on.

              -It's not creepy and the video is just edited to make it seem worse!
              -No it's not, and It's not just the content of the comments, but the pattern of behaviour which is sexually suggestive.
              -Well, I say hi upon eye contact all the time.
              -The actor didn't make eye contact with anyone.
              -'Political Correctness gone mad!'

              But hey, I noticed you're one of those people who actually uses 'feminazi' in a sentence, so I'm guessing you made up your mind on this a while ago.

            "It doesn’t matter what the men in the video are saying; what matters is how it makes women feel" - this is the biggest load of crap I've ever read. How the hell is a man meant to know how a woman is feeling if she is walking along the street not saying anything with no expression on her face? So literally, saying 'hi' is as bad to the author as saying 'why don't you come here and give me a BJ?' If a woman can't take a man saying 'hi' to her then she'd best go and live in a sanatorium. Some of the guys in the video use a suggestive tone, and I agree that in THAT instance it doesn't really matter what they say. But others are just speaking in a genuine tone of voice. What the hell is wrong with that? If you don't want people to talk to you, just stay home!

              How the hell is a man meant to know how a woman is feeling if she is walking along the street not saying anything with no expression on her face?

              The onus is not on the recipient to respond to, and thus prolong any attention they receive, but rather the person who is initiating it. A woman who has a blank expression on her face and is walking down the street without making eye contact with you is probably not inviting conversation. Sorry, but who taught you otherwise?

              So literally, saying 'hi' is as bad to the author as saying 'why don't you come here and give me a BJ?'

              That's a crazy oversimplification but yes. Content is irrelevant because its acceptability changes with context. They may well be situations where 'give me a BJ' is appropriate given the recipient's cues or familiarity. Conversely, if a woman is unresponsive or discomforted, then 'hi' may indeed be more transgressive, despite what you or an all-male Fox News panel thinks.

              If you don't want people to talk to you, just stay home!

              'If you don't want people to ogle you, just cover up!'

              Can you see how this keeps going? Everyone deserves the right to walk down the street with dignity. Sorry, but sometimes I just don't want to talk. Maybe I've had a bad day, maybe I'm just tired or maybe (just maybe), I just dislike talking to people. I'll try to make it as obvious as I can (though I'll still look more approachable than the woman in that video), but your 'right' to force conversation and say 'hey girl' doesn't override my right to walk down a street in peace and quiet. I shudder to think what she would have copped if she was wearing anything even remotely revealing.

                Not talking about attire here. Most people walk down the street with a blank expression unless they are with someone or on the phone. I don't set out to offend anyone by saying hi. And I'll be damned if I'll stop. Soon no-one is going to talk to each other any more if we are too scared someone might take offence at an innocent greeting.

                  So if a guy is walking along the street not saying anything with no expression on his face, you would go up to him and say "hi"?

                  Okay let's boil it down. Remember when you were a kid your teacher would say "Zambayoshi, if someone says they don't want to play, they don't want to play. Doesn't matter how much fun you think they're having or how gentle you think you are. If they say stop, stop."

                  It's the same thing there. If a woman is clearly discomforted and wants nothing to do with you (or walks away), then it doesn't matter how innocent you think your comments are, because it's not up to you. You think the behaviour in that video is acceptable? Even if you exclude the super-creeps who actually followed her, it's a staggering number that would not be reflected if a guy walked down those same streets. There's an undeniable sexual angle here that you're trying real hard to ignore.

      Worse than it was? I can make you walk down a street have 15 guys threaten you with violence intermixed with 15 guys saying simply "how are you?". Trust me you would not think that only half of the people on the street is threatening you, you'd think everyone was...

      This video highlights a major issue, one I saw happen with anything to do with sex related issues, general sexism, gamergate and now this. As a normal guy, who would gladly love to say the occasional "How are you" and "Good Morning" without being treated like a sex offender, I don't see why every guy has to develop a siege mentality when these issues come out.

      As a normal guy, one who would not make those types of remarks to harass women. We should stand out and just say that sexual harassment is wrong. Target the people who makes those remarks. Once the "hey, looking good..." and "You're looking sexy" remarks are gone, a woman on the street won't be threatened by someone just smiling and saying "Good morning" and"How are You?" with a courteous nod and the normal behaviour would be justified...

      The other issue is that it seems like alot of the makers of these content are also starting to develop a siege mentality of sorts. While I fully understand, I'll say this. If everybody just stares at each other with mistrust and fear as our first instinct, nothing will be gained.

      Totally agree. The producer clearly had an agenda. It's not like they thought, oh, let's go and film a woman walking around all day and see what happens. No, they thought, lets see if we can get some footage of people harassing this lady, and then sensationalise it and put it on the internet. GOLD! If someone says 'good evening miss' in a neutral tone of voice and you take offence, then you are being precious - it's not harassment.

        I've been a Kotaku reader for a while now (and gaming enthusiast before that) but it's more than a little disappointing that attitudes like yours are still around.

        Maybe it's the recent prominence of gamergate/men's rights, but I don't recall ever needing to have a discussion on what should be inarguable social issues on a gaming board.

          Gamergate isn't about men's rights, its actually more about feminist rights now due to kotakus very hard work, the fact that you think that shows their agenda lol. Obviously guys never really have this issue so we have trouble believing it exists. I asked a bunch of girls from work about it and they all said they constantly get wolf called and other creepy comments by people on their way home, esp around construction sites and tbh it doesn't sound that great.

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            Gamergate isn't about men's rights, its actually more about feminist rights

            You literally cannot have one discussion without the other, especially as the former has positioned itself so very firmly against the latter.

            the fact that you think that shows their agenda lol.

            What agenda? I'll disagree with 99% of Patricia Hernandez's posts but it's (unfortunately) outgrown this site, which is still a weird microcosm of the greater gaming community. Why do I have to have this discussion with people in 2014? These aren't issues that are still up for debate. Why do I feel like Dr Nerdlove explaining the complexities of the opposite sex to some people? "Don't harass people." That's something people should know just by being alive.

              I was actually saying, if you didn't take my quote out of context, that it isn't about gender at all, kotaku and a bunch of journalism sites are just spinning it that way because its actually about journalistic integrity in the video game review industry which they probably don't want anyone focusing on.

                It began as a discussion on journalistic ethics, but it's so far removed that it's not even funny. The thing which kicked off the whole circus was the Zoe Quinn thing which was debunked right out of the gate. There simply was no Kotaku story pimping out her game and anyone can verify this by looking through archives and historic RSS feeds. Yet everyone jumped on the story regardless without scrutinising the ex-boyfriend's allegations, and piled on Zoe Quinn. The whole journalism thing was a canard and after people realised his story was complete horseshit, it was too late and Adam Baldwin had waded in.

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    I thought the parody was very funny. Then I took an arrow in the knee.

    Agree with the non strand0410 comments. There is nothing there in the video that can be taken as harassment. No one tried to touch her, yell at her, said rude things to her. At worse maybe suggestive. Perhaps we should all just look down and not look and say anything to anyone. No ones feeling can be hurt that way.

      You are 100% wrong. If you look up harassment, you'll understand that guys in this video are harassing her.

      There is nothing there in the video that can be taken as harassment.

      What was demonstrated in that video was the very definition of harassment.

      Perhaps we should all just look down and not look and say anything to anyone. No ones feeling can be hurt that way.

      Or perhaps people should stop catcalling strangers on the street who obviously want nothing to do with them? The choice for a woman shouldn't be "stay at home or go out... but keep my head down." Everyone should have the right to walk in public with dignity and without a hundred dudes creepily eyeballing and calling at you. If you could live a day in a woman's shoes, you'd understand.

    I see Kotaku has finally broken you, Pat.

    The sad thing is, it looks like you think that you're raising awareness by making jokes about stuff that used to make you write entire article-series. Yes I'm sure you need to compromise because you to eat, but I'm allowed to mourn the old Pat.

    R.I.P. to the younger spitfire version - you are missed.

    Best of luck to this new one, don't get me wrong.

    My favourite part of these comments is how people want to dismiss the claims of harassment because some of the people in the video were clearly being polite to her. Hey they ignore the creepy guy that follows her for 5 minutes.

    It boggles my mind how in the court of public opinion, the women is on trial. I mean, she was totally asking for it, huh guys?

      Funny thing is, 'stoob' is still lurking and down-voting comments as of 10PM 2/11, but isn't responding to them. I'm guessing he disagrees with us, but can't quite muster the words to explain why. That or it's just plain intellectual cowardice.

        I literally do not give a crap about or even check the down votes. They're not used properly.

          Oh I certainly don't, he's still around after I'd assumed he's show a bit of humility.

            Actually, I just realised that when I view Kotaku on my phone (which is 95% of the time), I can't even see the comment voting. Eh, all the more reason to pay no attention.

        Its because all the feminazi downvoting means all my comments have to be moderated now dickhead.

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