13 New Details About New-Gen GTA V

13 New Details About New-Gen GTA V

By now, you’ll almost certainly have read about Grand Theft Auto V’s new first-person mode on new-gen consoles and PC. But it’s not the only new detail that has emerged in the past 24 hours.

This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK.

Rockstar didn’t invite us to play the new-gen versions, because clearly Rockstar doesn’t love us enough (single tear), but our dear friends at CVG and Gizmodo UK were blessed with its favour. Here are some new things we’ve learned from their time with the new-gen versions – I highly recommend that you read both articles for more detail.

  • On PS4, the light bar will flash red and blue when you’re being chased by the cops.
  • Also on PS4, you can touch the touchpad to switch modes between first- and third-person. There will be a few options to control when the game’s in first-person and when it switches back to third – you can have it so that shooting is in first-person but it snaps back to third-person when you’re in cover, for instance.
  • The PC version is 4K compatible and PS4/Xbox One versions will run at 1080p/30fps. I mean, we knew that already, but now we know it’s definitely true. It looks beautiful.
  • All the vehicles have had their interiors re-done to take advantage of first-person view. All the dials work!
  • Police radio and phone calls are now emitted by the DualShock 4’s speaker.
  • Swiping the touch panel now changes weapons and radio stations.

  • Los Santos is now filled with different animals; those monsters at CVG discovered that fluffy cats aren’t bullet-proof 🙁
  • There are thousands of new first-person animations for reloading weapons, parachuting, and other activities.
  • The phone is now a 3D object, and selfie mode is even more creepily realistic than before.
  • You can create first-person-only missions in GTA Online. WHERE ARE THE HEISTS, THO
  • There’s new pedestrian chatter to go with the 100s of new songs and radio shows.
  • Everybody loves the new rail gun.
  • You can see bullet-holes in your OWN BODY now.

For more on what’s new in GTA V, Rockstar’s newswire has a comprehensive run-down of new side-missions, weapons and vehicles. I’m all about the wildlife photography, personally.


  • This will be like playing a completely new game again. Cannot wait.

    My only hope is that now Rockstar will be releasing more heists as DLC. The heists were great, but I felt they could’ve been bigger and better rather than getting a few vehicles and then going on a longer than normal mission

    • Yeah, I think my 360 copy will become a coaster after this. It’s the only reason I have to use my 360, all the other games are my wife’s. Actually, I think I’ve done that with every console version I’ve had once the PC version had been released.

      • Yeah I am only waiting for this version before I sell my 360. I havent actually played the last gen version for a while so I should have sold it off a while ago.

        • I play it every now and again on 360, but I’ve haven’t really been playing consoles much since I lost my previous one in the split with my ex-gf, including all my saves, all my dlc and I could never really be arsed going back and completing everything again. GTA V was the first game I bought for it in a couple of years, and since we were never really an xbox live household, the version I have is the somewhat buggy first day release– and the pisser is, it’s really hard to make cash in it at all, ie, cash packages sometimes show up and the stock market has never worked for me. Speaking of which, that’s something I’d like to see overhauled for the PC/NG Consoles. I’ve heard that, even when patched up to date, the market can be hideously fickle to exploit. I’d be happy if I could speculate and maybe make 5k here, 10k there with it.

          • The single player really doesnt give you money until the very end, which was kinda lame.

            The economy in online is annoying in the way that its a bit grindy to get any meaningful levels of cash. Unless you want to succumb to the microtransactions.

  • I hope they don’t do something stupid like add a first person mode, then lock the fov to 60 degrees for those console peasan– I mean our dear console friends. 🙂

    Seriously, I hope they have an fov slider. It would kinda suck to have all these new HD visuals and a FP view, but locked into a narrow view.

    • I don’t mind so much. I’ll be grabbing it like a child at Christmas (I might have to ask for it for Christmas so that adds to that analogy even more) and then when I can afford to build a 4K PC and monitor, then I’ll be grabbing it like a child at Christmas on a Steam sale (possibly next Christmas so that adds to that analogy even more)

      • By next Xmas it’ll probably only be 20 – 30 bucks with the extra single player content during sales! So *winning*!

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there’s the PCMR douchebaggery…

      Dude, really, from you? I mean I’m a PC guy as well, but leave that crap outta here. We’re all here to love GTA V in its enhanced form not to bring that rubbish that seperates people 🙁 .

          • You can’t have the scotch, you’ll have to wrestle me for it 😛 Nobody gets the scotch from me!

          • Whoa there ace. Challenge accepted, but the scotch gets placed somewhere safe first. If it spills, we both lose. If necessary, an impartial 3rd party agreed upon by both parties maybe required to monitor it…

          • The scotch gets placed with two 19 year old college girls in the middle of their experimental years. Real incentive to wrestle. GO.

          • By the way, I watched that clip. I reckon the fov is in 60ish degrees. 🙁 Hopefully that won’t be too hard to mod.

  • I just don’t feel the need to revisit this. Finished it a couple of weeks after launch, played around with online for a few days but it wasn’t really my thing.

    Maybe in another 12 months with a significant price drop…

  • Rockstar didn’t invite us to play it … because we can barely string 2 words together to make an article half the time.

  • They should have added the ability to use your phone to play music.

    I always found it extremely jarring listening to a cool song in my vehicle, then having to get out mid way through >

  • I’m excited about GTAV Next Gen for one thing mainly: Everyone has the ability to record everything. This means that for all of the mad crazy random shit that goes on in that game, finally we’ll have an easy way to prove it and share it with other people when it happens.

    • Oh yeah of course – I was all like ‘bummer no theatre mode on consoles’ but hell we all have built in theatre mode now!!!

  • Hundreds of new songs and radio stations? Oof. I… was kinda thinking about passing on this, if not delaying, but…

  • 100s of new songs, nek minit its taylor swifts and one directions entire catalogs…..still buying it!

    • I dunno, I think I could get a pretty bloody firefight with the cops going if I had a 1D soundtrack to inspire the red mist. :p

    • 1st person alcohol drinking in the Pink Rhino while naked ? 🙂 First-person visiting one of the night-ladies while a lady of the night visits you ? The possibilities are endless !

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