8 Minutes Of New Far Cry 4 Footage

Far Cry 4 is coming out next week. When will this seemingly endless flurry of games have mercy on me? I still haven't finished Alien: Isolation for God's sake.

Anyway, Ubisoft has just released a pretty extensive eight minute trailer, and it serves as a pretty good introduction to the game itself.

I think I'm down to check out Far Cry 4. Once I finish Alien: Isolation, get started on Shadow of Mordor, play more Framed, some Halo: Master Chief Collection multiplayer...

[breathes heavily]

[begins hyperventilating]

[starts panicking]

[sets all video games on fire]

[collapses in a pile of sweat and urine]

Does anyone know how to clone human beings?


    I just did an excited hand-clap/laugh that sounded like, "HAAACHA-CHA-CHA-CHAAAAAA" to express my excitement for this game. This is one of my two big games for the year and I cannot waittttttt.

    I ain't even mad. I can afford DA:I next week and Lego Batman 3 the week after so I'm golden.

    The Kaminoans can clone carbon based life forms. But from what we know, probably not the best choice if your itinerary has a lot of FPS.

    I'm still not sold on the locale and the videos I've seen really make it look like FC3 just in a new location.

    Fingers crossed I'm wrong though.

    Don't you dare fuck this up, Ubisoft.

      oh they will try dont you worry. they. will. try.

        That's what worries me.

          It's inevitable and makes me sad :'(

      Yeah Ubisoft has totally f*cked up again, there is no multiplayer with the map editor you can only create single player missions.

    Looks good, but Dragon Age wins by default, so...

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