A History Of Video Game Graphics

Stuart Brown's fantastic YouTube series A Brief History Of Graphics starts in just about the most perfect way imaginable: "They say graphics aren't important... but every game I've ever played has had them".

Running over five parts, the series takes an in-depth (but also accessible) look at the evolution of video game graphics, from the very beginnings of the medium through to today's complex 3D visuals.

If you care at all about the history of video games, or even just want to learn exactly how things have evolved (and what some of the most important titles have been), it's a must-watch.

Note that only episodes 1-4 are available. Episode 5 should be out tomorrow.

Pixel Pioneers [YouTube, via Fast Co]


    HA! Someone didn't play Zork.

      “They say graphics aren’t important… but every game I’ve ever played has had them”.

      Yeah, looks like they weren't infocom fans...

    wow, it's really cool to see just how far gaming has come.
    Frogger will always be my favourite though.
    first game I ever played on my dad's atarti, and just haven't stopped since.

    graphics are important
    They made us see in color, go into and around the picture. Made us go up and down, gave us 3d and depth perception.
    In fact game play becomes, BECAUSE of graphics.

    Ah, still have my Upright Asteroids cabinet, I love that game.

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