ABC iView Will Be Available On Xbox One... At Some Point

Well this is strange.

Normally when Sony or Microsoft announce that some sort of TV service — be it catch-up TV or Foxtel — is going to be available on their console, that information usually comes with a date attached. "Starting on [insert date here] Xbox One users will get exclusive access to blah blah blah". Today Microsoft announced that ABC iView will be available on the Xbox One... at some point in time.

That's it.

No date. Not even really a vague "by the end of 2015". The word on the street is that the app will be available fairly soon, but even that gives us no real idea as to how long it will take. How soon is "soon". Today? Next week? Next month? We don't know.

This is nothing really but a promise that ABC iView will appear on the Xbox One. So there you go. It is happening. It is happening 'soon' and it is happening on the Xbox One. At some point you will be able to watch Doctor Who, Good Game, and a bunch of other stuff on your Xbox One. At some point.


    Be nice if it's actually in a decent resolution this time.

      You want to stream HD shows in Australia? :P

      Granted, it'd be nice to have the option to choose

        doesn't need to be 1080p, just an improvement on the mosaics offered on the older consoles, ps3 especially.

          I'd be happy if the screen doesn't darken every 5 minutes because the controller hasn't been touched (probably a setting I'm being ignorant of)

            Yeah you can change this on the PS3 settings. Used to drive me bananas

              xbox 360 was pretty patchy looking as well, although better resoloution would probably only make watching an even more drop-out prone experience on Australia internet.

      The ABC have stated before that this is a cost issue their side. The ABC internet's funding is quite weird, and with the budget cuts its certainly not top-tier priority for them at the moment. And unlike the BBC, the ABC does not receive funding from tv licences (which I think we can all agree is a good thing).

      ABC iView+ for $5 a month including HD streaming would actually be a pretty attractive option, provided it was available on every platform.

        ABC isn't allowed to charge for services because we already pay for it.

      There's a lack of funding for them to do HD streaming.

    Is it out on PS4 yet? My PS3's kicked the shits and decided not to connect to my wifi anymore so I can't watch anything on there anymore :(

      Also coming to PS4 at unspecified time. ABC announced this in their 2015 presentation yesterday. :)

    It's coming in the next few weeks. Once it's through certification, it will be given a hard launch date. We'll share that as soon as we have it.

      Is that an actual xbox person giving us actual information??? How nice. Iview is a highly missed extra which is the only thing now my XB1 doesn't do to use as a media centre (the media player is still a bit clumsy to use.... a decent interface there would be great....). Stuff like this is why I stuck with the XB1 when the PS4 had "better specs" (cause that was so important last gen....). Microsoft just seem to get the other stuff outside gaming so much more polished. Bring on the TV app and a recording function so I can ditch the PVR....

    I really enjoyed iView on the 360 (it's actually one of the few things that gets me to turn the 360 on these days) so will be very happy to have in on the one. I really hope they rerun Utopia though because they pulled it unexpectedly before we finished the last two episodes.

    Any word on an achievement list for X1 iView? Yes ... I'm one of those people. :P

      Tweet shown on Q&A = achievement unlocked
      #qanda - 50 gamerscore

    Given it's totally broken on PS3 these days, and god knows when we'll get it on XB1, I'll just keep watching things on BBC iPlayer in better resolution.

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    Does anyone know who actually develops this? (or pays for the development of this?) Is it Microsoft or is it the ABC?

    Update September 2015 now and still no date for release looks like we might see this intime for the release of Xbox Ones replacement.....

    December 2015 - ABC has just made their annual announcement that iView will be available for Xbox One within the month. See you next year!

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