Anime's Fan-Driven Resurgence Continues

Anime's Fan-Driven Resurgence Continues

Cannon Busters is the latest attempt to get a new anime up and running via Kickstarter, and like Under the Dog, it's got some serious talent behind it.

Heading the team is LeSean Thomas, who worked on Black Dynamite's awesome animated series, but he's joined by guys like Joe Mad (Darksiders) and Tim Yoon (Legend of Korra, Batman: The Red Hood). Also helping out will be Japanese studio Satelight, whose boss is Macross and mech legend Shoji Kawamori.

If The Wizard of Oz met the Hidden Fortress with influences derived from Escaflowne, hip-hop, and classic RPGs — you get Cannon Busters, one wild ride of fun, suspense, action, and wackiness. It's a roadshow-style adventure of epic proportions!

That is how a single description can get my attention.

Aside from some very recent exceptions like Attack on Titan and Knights of Sidonia, anime has been in a bit of a fanservice funk for the last decade or so. It's great seeing Kickstarter find ways for fans of older anime, where eyes were smaller and explosions more numerous, to get the kind of content they have been missing out on the past few years.

You can back Cannon Busters here.


    I'm not sure if this show is exactly what I want but I like what they're trying to do. I always felt a little annoyed that animation for adults sort of dropped away from adults and aimed more towards either children and man-children or young anime fans. This feels like something all those groups could enjoy but it's not actually aimed at them.
    I've got nothing against shows like Adventure Time but it always bugged me that the western adult animation market went heavily in that direction rather than spreading out a little. Family Guy and the like are fun but they're only adult in that you wouldn't let children watch. If you take that away they're actually simpler than most shows. South Park is great but it's also been on so long that it's sort of stopped being fringe and just created it's own South Park genre. Marvel and DC do some good animated work but I feel like there's so much more out there.

    Looks really cool. I think I may have to jump on $15 pledgewagon.

    Personally, I wish someone would make this happen for a death note prequel about L and some of his more ... worldly cases.

    You lost me at Attack of Titan.
    Terrible anime is terrible.. Most overrated thing since Hunger Games.

      Come on, it's not terrible. Badly paced and definitely overrated, but not that bad.

    Is it really 'anime' when all the creative team are westerners? Satelight are going to do the drudge work to animate it, sure, but it seems more like old 80s French/Japanese collaborations where they farmed animation out to Japan but everything was designed in the west, like Mysterious Cities of Gold or Ulysses 31. Not that those are bad by any stretch, but not really the same thing as something like Under the Dog or Little Witch Academia 2.

    Aside from some very recent exceptions like Attack on Titan and Knights of Sidonia, anime has been in a bit of a fanservice funk for the last decade or so. People keep saying this and I can never understand why. There have been quite a large number of non-fanservice, non-moe blob anime released in the last decade or so. Sometimes I wonder if people are just blinkering themselves so they can feel justified in complaining.

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