Sony Shipped 3.3 Million PS4s Last Quarter

Briefly: As per their latest financial report, Sony shipped 3.3 million PS4 systems in the financial quarter ending on 30 September. This brings their total to 13.5 million consoles shipped in less than a year. Sony also moved 800,000 PS3 consoles and 700,000 portable (Vita, Vita TV and PSP) consoles during this time.

Q2 FY14 Consolidated Financial Results [Sony]

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    On Friday, Sony reported a second quarter net loss of $1.2 billion, and the company confirmed it's on track to lose a staggering $2.1 billion this fiscal year.

    and sonys almost dead, really.

      That's nothing big in the world of business. Xbox one has lost Microsoft 400 million so far and the Surface put em over 1.7 billion in the red alone. They just laid off thousands of staff in the past few months and managed to get a return in the last quarter.

      That's all Sony will do, take the projections, reassess, restructure, reinvest and it's business at usual. If they were worried, they wouldn't have mentioned the estimated losses.

        They legally have to have an earnings projection. And while the sky's (probably) not falling for Sony, comparing their losses to MS's isn't exactly fair. MS is a much bigger company, makes huge overall profits and has guaranteed revenue from other parts of its business.

      Worst case is that they will sell off the profitable divisions and discard the rest. They've already started doing this. If Sony ends up just making gaming hardware and games then I'm OK with that. It would be a pity though, because they do make some really nice televisions, phones and cameras as well.

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