Begun The Steam Sales Have

Depending on your financial perspective we have some great/bad/catastrophic news for you. The Steam sales have begun and you are about to spend some money. There are 5,617 games on sale at the moment. This is terrifying.

A couple that jumped out to me: Don't Starve is $3.74, The Evil Within is only $27.17 — that's 66% off. Richochet is $2.49 — I think I'll be getting that actually. Dark Souls is $6.49 — you know how I feel about Dark Souls, so just hurry up and get that if you don't already .

What else? Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is $29.97, that's another corker. Super Meat Boy is $2.99, what an incredible game that was. Gunpoint is $4.99 — I missed out on that so maybe I'll pick that one up.

There really is a buttload of great stuff on-sale, and not all of it is easy to find. The front page doesn't really show off the best of it, so I recommend heading to this page to look through everything.

Have 'fun' everyone!


    Resist......... must resist....

      Resist what ?
      Games that are twice, 3 times, 4 times the price of everywhere else????

        I didn't resist. :c
        I HAD to get those old Alien games and assassins creed freedom cry....
        And no, they are cheaper.

        Yeah you're gonna find The Evil Within cheaper than 27 dollars atm legitimately... right...

          Basically. It's $57 at EB for PS4/Xbone atm. Almost bought it then, my mate that works there said don't bother heh.

            I had it, traded it in the other week. 27 bucks is a decent price though for it.

              Yeah, I heard the PC port is horrible, I would like to hope they have fixed that issue.

    Might pick up Don Bradman Cricket if it goes on sale, otherwise, not much of interest for me.

      I picked that up on xbox at launch, depends how low it goes but it's definitely not worth what it cost at launch. It's a bit better with the patches they've released but considering it was priced higher than FIFA and NBA2k at launch it is a MUCH lower quality production.

      Last edited 27/11/14 9:02 am

    Damn you almighty GABEN, oh how my wallet doth bleed!

    *down comes the money vaccums at EVERY SINGLE PERSONS HOME who are interested in the sales*

      I just imagined a giant Gabe Newell tearing open the roof of my house, and all my banknotes being sucked into his mouth as he roars with laughter.

      Last edited 27/11/14 1:49 pm

    Is the big winter sale? There isn't any 8 hour flash sales or badge crafting like previous big sales of late.

    Anyway, having a quick look, there isn't anything i want.

      I think this is just a quick little sale. I'm sure we'll get a winter sale later... I hope we do. I have no cash at the moment.

        Same. Bloody dentist!!!

          I'm going to Supanova this weekend. I need as much money for that as I can get. I kinda caved in an got Dust: An Elysian Tail for $3 though.

      It's the Black Friday/Thanksgiving sale. The Winter/Summer one will be on later, and for longer.

      Currently scrolling through the pages of specials... 1...2...3... oh look only 227 more pages to go *facepalm*

      It's Thanksgiving in 'MuricaLand atm so I can guess it's to coincide with Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales..

    Yay time to add to my collection! What do you mean, will I "play" these games?

    I... of course I will! /shifty

    Rome 2 is only $40US. Hmmmmm.

    Edit: waiting till its 75% off.

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      The Caesar in Gaul DLC is available in the SEGA Humble Bundle at the moment too...

      My most disappointing video game purchase to date. I'm sticking to Rome.
      Personally found it to be the worst TW to date, but that's just me

    I'd jump on Evil Within but that Australia tax. Nope.

      At 27 dollars, I'm thinking it's pretty damn cheap as is? I mean the tax situation is terrible, but when you're offered a situation where it's cheap as hell and way below the initial price (even without tax) isn't that then just sort of... well... petty?

        I don't think so ;)

          Well with an indepth answer like that...

            Would something passive aggressive have been better?

              A little passive aggressive, a little sarcasm, a little wit... :) lol

    I believe this is just for the black friday/thanksgiving sales thing that the US does.

    I think they need a TV show called "Digital Hoarders" where teams come in and clean out your Steam library:

    "Why did you even BUY this game? You've never played it and it got 20/100 on Metacritic!"
    "It was on special. 90% off, how could you say no?"

      This is an awesome idea for a YouTube channel, if I steal it I'll give you credit for the idea!... No royalties though ;)

      Please don't come to my house and look at my Steam library...the shame!!

        I have 71 games and play a fair whack of them, but in bursts. Bought Starbound, played that intensely for a few weeks, then stopped. Then played Borderlands intensely, then stopped. Now it's Postal 2. Most of these games are unfinished due to boredom setting in and finding a new game.

        I've played most of Skyrim but need to finish the main quests (haven't touched the enchanting table stuff yet!), half way through Crysis 2, half way through Fez, a tiny bit of the way through Watch_Dogs, 1/4 of the way through Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (but finished A Dark Descent), finished the first mission in Saints Row: IV.


          HAHAHA 71 young and innocent :P I might be over 500, and it's not something I really like to talk about unless it's with my therapist :P

      Is it better or worse if you don't even have the games installed? My son and I have very different tastes so our Steam library reflects both. Still plenty not played yet though.

    Hasn't everyone purchased any old games by now? The same games come up in sale after sale.

      Yeah, most of what's in there, is stuff I already own. I might be doing what the Hobbits referred to as "filling in the corners", where you're stuffed, but you nibble away just to make sure you're truly stuffed.

    Hmmmm, I'm awfully tempted by that Civ V DLC. I'm missing Brave New World and a handful of the other little bits and pieces. If I can keep it under $15 it'll be worth it or I could just buy the complete edition with all the DLC for $20... brb

      Yeah I am the same boat, I just went to buy BNW and it was listed as US$12.49 (down from US$40), but then I purchased it and the price changed to US$7.39, bargain

    I resisted for like 30mins, then I bought a game I've never heard of.

    Dark days ahead. Just remember your training son, and you just might get through this. Nothing less than 75% off, wait for flash sales and dailies or buy in the last day. This is an endurance war. We still have to get through Christmas.

      I failed master, 50% off of Alien Isolation on Humble Bundle got me good.

    Couple of my wishlist items are 75% off so I'll pick them up when I get home, spending a whopping $4. Presumably this is just a black friday weekend sale and the real sales will kick off in a few weeks when we're closer to Christmas.

    I'd hold off on buying anything substantial for now, the real discounts will probably hit on "Cyber Monday".

    None of the games in my wishlist have a big discount and besides I got plenty of games from the GoG sale so I'm good. *puts wallet away*

    For some reason I read the article the other day as saying the sale would end at the beginning of January, not December so I'm feeling a little relieved. However, most of my 37 wishlist items are on sale so I have to be strong. I can't even do my Daily or Flash deals only rule either.


    I have spent 5 minutes on the sales pages and already have a dozen games lined up to buy as soon as my paycheck gets deposited. Helloooooo, crippling debt!

    I just picked up 7 games from my wishlist for $17. I'll hunt through for some others later.

    Screen Cheat is under $10. Spelunky is $7.50.

    I already own these games but dammit, you guys should also own them.

    Oh look, its nearly xmas, looks like everything will go on a sale spree soon, oh & don't forgethow much money you have until the xmas break

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