Bioware’s The Last Court Will Keep You Busy Until Inquisition Arrives

Bioware’s The Last Court Will Keep You Busy Until Inquisition Arrives

Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third game in the RPG series from Bioware, is due to land this month… but even that is likely a long wait if you’re suffering from a bad case “eager anticipation”. To tide you over, you could play the first and second instalments again, go LARPing for the day or, if you don’t mind a bit of browser action, have a crack at The Last Court.

Before you ask, yes, it does have a purchasable currency, called Dawn, if you’d like to speed your way through. Bioware’s announcement post however confidently states that no money need be spent if you’d like to see all the content, though you might have to complete “multiple playthroughs”, with each one taking “an average of seven days”.

As for the game itself, it takes the form of an interactive narrative, with the player in the role of the ruler of Serault. There looks to be two classes, of a sort — the Scholar and Huntress — to provide you with a few more options for those inevitable replays.

The Last Court is Now Available [Bioware]


  • why. why do they do this too us. GTA 18th (first time playing it on ps4), farcry 4 18th, dragon age 20th… more games I am sure I’ve missed. Its been tumble weave city for most of the year and bam have them all at once.

    • thats where im lucky on PC.. warlords this thrusday and ill be at 100 and should be geared for raiding by tuesday for farcry 4 and i should be finished with the story by the 20th for DA

      aww crap forgot the new xpack for company of heroes drops on the 18th as well

  • If there was only one thing I could change about “Free” to Play games, it would be to completely remove any kind of restrictions on how much you can play each day. It’s a completely transparent mechanism designed to hit you at a time when things are most exciting and thus, more likely to encourage you to pay to keep up the adrenaline hit. I thought it had died a natural death in the arcades but it seems money is a great motivator for people to dig up the ghosts of the past. /rant

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