Blizzard’s Overwatch Short Film Is Worthy Of Pixar

Blizzard’s Overwatch Short Film Is Worthy Of Pixar

Blizzard announced their new game over the weekend. Its name is Overwatch and, looking at the short film — they call it trailer, but it is a short film — they could produce a movie out of this. Make Brad Bird direct it and grab a few billion dollars on top of all the gazillion dollars that they are going to be making from the game.

The game itself looks incredibly good too. Here’s some gameplay footage:


  • Valve: Oooh, DOTA looks cool we’ll have that.
    Blizzard: Well if you’re going to be like that, we’ll release Team Fortress 3 then thanks.

    • To be fair, Blizzard didn’t really actually have much to do with the creation of DOTA – that was modders… as was Team Fortress. Sure, they began to support it after it started getting a following, but it was never really theirs.

  • I’ll say what I’ve been saying for ages. They should make a movie with their level CGI. They’ll most likely get awards for it. Yeah yeah I know full CGI takes a lot of time but that doesn’t stop Disney and Dreamworks from plopping out a movie every year.

  • The animation and rendering is absolutely Pixar quality. It just looks incredible, like all the CGI that Blizzard does. I will just point out that Pixar movies are great (most of them) because of their stories and characters though, which is arguably a lot harder to do consistently. As gamers it’s easy to see that great graphics doesn’t necessarily translate to a great game, as it’s the gameplay that’s paramount. So to for films and stories. When a Blizzard game/cutscene makes me cry in the first ten minutes (the way I did with Up) then I’ll say they’re worthy of Pixar.

  • I’m sure this IP has been developed with that kind of cross-over appeal in mind anyways. That short film almost guarantees a feature film, and it’s a Blizzard game, so it’s got almost zero chance of bombing.

    I’m not much into multiplayer shooters anymore (I’m not that competitive), but this doesn’t look half bad 😀

  • That video was fucking amazing. Honestly they should make a little movie with it. They obviously have the talent to make some great!

  • I’ve been telling my friend all week that if Blizzard just simply stopped being a games company and just made features and tv series that I would have zero regrets on that exchange.

    • Pretty sure Blizzard’s own cinematic team did this, along with pretty much all of their cinematics for the last few years. I think Blizzard had Blur do 1 or 2 of their cinematics a long time back but since then Blizzard’s cinematic team have been producing amazing cinematics.

  • This was a great vid. But I assume you’ll actually hit more targets in the game—seriously, just hit something? (I know, I know, the gorilla got shot at a lot, but the chick was barely hitting anything. Not that I was expecting a HBO/AMC/Showtime style headshot or anything.)

    The bit when they cut to the security guard playing hearthstone was genius.

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