Bungie Sends One-Of-A-Kind Destiny Gun To Man Who Had Brain Surgery

Bungie Sends One-Of-A-Kind Destiny Gun To Man Who Had Brain Surgery

Today in Stories That Will Warm Your Cold, Cynical Heart, meet Brittany Levasseur, whose husband has had seven brain surgeries over the past year. It's been brutal, but they have found at least one helpful recovery tool — earlier this week, Levasseur wrote a long Reddit post about how their doctor recommended that he play Destiny as a form of mental therapy.

"It's been a joy to watch him," she wrote. "It's been a little over a week, and the game's effect on him has been so strong. Weak for months, he is flourishing in more than just the game world. He has been going out more, doing chores, making jokes. The effect of playing the game on his mood has been almost staggering."

Cool, right? It gets COOLER. Not long afterwards, Bungie's community manager reached out to Levasseur, and the next day, her husband had a package waiting at the Tower. In it was this gun:

Bungie Sends One-Of-A-Kind Destiny Gun To Man Who Had Brain Surgery

It looks like this in his inventory:

Bungie Sends One-Of-A-Kind Destiny Gun To Man Who Had Brain Surgery

What's so special about this one? Well, Fate Of All Fools, which appears at first glance like a regular ol' exotic gun, isn't actually in the game yet. It won't be available to normal players until a future add-on, meaning this lucky man is the only non-Bungie employee in the world to have Fate Of All Fools. It's one of a kind.

(A representative for Bungie confirmed that this was real, and that they had indeed sent this gun to the Levasseurs.)

Check it out in action thanks to this shot provided by Brittany Levasseur:

Bungie Sends One-Of-A-Kind Destiny Gun To Man Who Had Brain Surgery

Awesome, no? The Levasseurs are thrilled.

"He adores the gun," Levasseur told me in an email. "It's his first exotic, and he has been actively enjoying it all day. It seems like my entire night has been on repeat — it's been nothing but 'BANG! God I love this gun. BANG! This is awesome. BANG! Did you see that shot!?'"


    No. My cold, cynical heart can still take issue with this.

    Good on Bungie for supporting an unwell person and actively helping him to get his life back. Bad Bungie for using disc locked content.

      This is an event only gun no different to the other event only items, I imagine the event was meant to be before DLC before all the other events failed miserably so went back to be retooled

    Who cares if he got locked content, just a game at the end of the day and if it is helping this guy recover then you know what sweet as.

    Giving guns to people who just had brain surgery... That doesn't sound right...

    My wife had brain surgery early this year, she was back at work after a week.............

      Whoah! Quick recovery... It's like those footy players who get a punctured lung or something and the doctor reckons they'll be back on the field within three weeks...


    Attempting to self inflict drain bamage as we speak.

    One of a kind Auto Rifle here i come!!!

    Poor guy. Seven operations in just one year; ouch, that's tough. Nice of Bungie to offer this gesture, but it's not really much in light of everything.

    While the gesture is nice, giving someone who had brain surgery a gun called "The Fate of all Fools" seems a little inappropriate.

      Check out the text on the A.1F19X-Ryl Scout Rifle


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