Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare On PC Vs PS4 Vs Xbox One

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare On PC Vs PS4 Vs Xbox One
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What’s the point of having all sorts of advanced tech and weaponry if it doesn’t look good? Thankfully, regardless of what platform you’re playing the new Call of Duty on, the game looks pretty great.

Here are DigitalFoundry‘s latest graphical comparison videos, which let us see how each version of the game stacks up against each other. Useful, in case you’re debating what platform to pick the game up on (though it may not be the only data you should consider…)

PS4 versus Xbox One

Xbox One versus PC

PS4 versus PC

If frame rate stuff is more your bag, this might be of interest:

Apparently the game runs at 1080p on PS4, but is locked to 1360×1080 in the Xbox One’s multiplayer. The campaign, however, can go up to full 1080p.

I’m playing on the PS4, which is sort of weird — typically, Xbox was my go-to for shooters. Destiny changed that. What about you, what are you playing the game on?


  • I own both consoles. But I bought it on the xbone. Slight graphical difference and squashed blacks don’t bother me. The xbone controller is just way too superior to not use it.

    • Ya. I’m an Xbox person generally, but I had a really good go with a ps4 controller last night. It’s a billion times better than the ps3 controller but still no where near xbox standards. Personal taste obviously.

      I can’t tell the difference graphically on this game. In fact, the colours are better in the xbox version but that can be fixed easily I would assume. The PC comparison means nothing to me, it’s not a console so I simply don’t care about it.

      • I don’t hate the ds4 either. I just can’t play with it as long due to the thumbstick lay-out. My hands start to ache and I feel like I have to stretch too far. Also my thumbs just slip off after a while.

        • Having a 360 pad on my PC, a WiiU and a PS4 I have to say that, depending on how you hold them, they all are the same comfort level (For me personally, obviously tastes differ).

          I find that you have to hold the Xbox controller with the sticks pointing up at you/ your head and the PS controller with sticks pointing away from slightly (So the light bar pointing downish) else either starts to hurt. Just something I’ve picked up that helps me personally when switching from controller to controller (Which I do daily).

          I find most people I know with both Xbox and PS controllers/ consoles have, in the end, realised the same thing. Give it a try if you like sometime I guess, maybe it’ll help you, maybe not.

          Hope that helps 🙂

          • Thanks for the advice. I picked up Lord’s of the fallen on ps4 the other day so I’ll have to keep that in mind next time I play

  • *shrug* No discernable difference at all realistically between the XBO and the PS4 to be absolutely honest. I’m a ps4 owner but I think they’ve done a great job on both versions.

  • When I was playing I couldn’t tell if that GIF up top was actual people or the game, I realized it wasn’t real people but damn it was hard to tell. (This is on pc btw)

  • The only difference I could pick between PS4 and XBO is that the XBO version looks a little darker in the shadows and general low-light whereas the PS4 version looks more evenly exposed.

    I think it’s interesting to point out that the framerate for the XBO version runs almost at a constant 60fps compared to the PS4 which dips below 60fps more often. I assume we have Kinect’s absence to thank for that.

    Having said all that, the differences aren’t big enough to be a dealmaker/breaker. We’re at a point where both consoles produce a highly similar top quality performance and that any perceived difference is minor. Bottom line: we’re all winners.

    • That actually is interesting. I don’t care about this stuff but after all the articles paying out on the xbox for slightly lower frame rates, no mention this time?

    • Although it is mentioned but not really explained. The xbone version is upscaled to 1080p whereas the ps4 is native 1080p. So I guess it’s slightly less taxing for the xbone as to allow it to maintain 60fps.

      So its around a 600,000 difference in pixels in Sony’s favour. Which for me means nothing, but for some people it means everything!

  • geez they have gone out of their way to nerf the pc haven’t they, just so they can say, see our next gen console is as good as a pc. But in reality its not and that game looks like something on pc from a few years ago. maybe im getting too old and just its same old same old.

  • Feels like I am taking crazy Pills, I was playing it on PC ultra settings and it looked horrible. I mean BF4 came out a year ago and graphically it blows AW away no contest.

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