Can Assassin's Creed Unity's Performance Woes Be Solved By Going Offline?

Assassin's Creed Unity certainly has its fair share of issues, but you'd hope poor performance wouldn't be one of them, especially on the newer consoles. Sadly, 30fps might as well be the Holy Grail in terms of ease of attainment. A tweak recommended by Ubisoft itself is doing the rounds that might help make things snappier, but does it actually work?

If you head over to the publisher's official forums, the current issues thread for Unity suggests players who aren't engaging in multiplayer should disconnect from the internet. After suffering at the hands of low frame rates and constant stuttering, it's not the sort of conclusion the average gamer would come to, but if Ubisoft is saying it's the goods, why not give it a try?

And that's exactly what people have done. In fact, over at Eurogamer, David Bierton had a chance to test the performance differences between offline and online on the PS4. The conclusion is not so positive:

We've now tested single-player with the console online and offline, and report no game-changing difference to the overall experience. In some cases, running offline is faster, while in others performance is the same or lower. If there is any improvement, it's very, very small and we're inclined to think this is just down to the variation in engine load between the two sessions. Certainly, there's little evidence to suggest that running offline brings us appreciably closer to the target 30fps.

Comments on a Reddit thread regarding the tweak provide a larger sample size of players running a variety of platforms, with some reporting frame rates doubling (on the PC at least), with most others stating there is a mild, but noticeable improvement.

So, the verdict? It can't hurt to cut yourself off and see if it helps. Hopefully Ubisoft will nail down the cause of the problem and fix it in a patch so you won't have to take such drastic measures.

All Platforms - AC Unity Current Known Issues [Ubisoft]


    Will playing offline remove the need to be signed into a website or have a smart phone with an app on it to open chests? Because even if they fix all the bugs it's crap like that that's stopping me from buying the game.

    Also, being offline will stop you from getting Achievements on xbox one

      They pop the next time you're online. I was offline for about 4 months and I got all of my achievements as soon as I connected.

        That must have been a good day.

    I can't help but feel we shouldn't have to do anything to improve the experience of something we paid $75+ for.

      I have a digital only policy since getting a PS4 (except for Disney Infinity of course)... so $75? try $135 (for the only game option available)

    How would one pay to open a chest if one was offline?

    I tried this last night and it gave me a bit better performance - not in terms of FPS but less stuttering overall. It still ignores my nvidia inspector command to run at 30FPS though, which is annoying. At the moment its floating between about 30 and 60 which can be quite disconcerting

    This game sucks. I've had that many freaky weird arse graphical glitches and the gameplay is just so bloody boring now. I thought this was going to be a different experience (I hoped). Ubi please either retire this series for a few years and get your shit together or just agree to shelve it forever.

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