Cartoony Evolution Of Famous Vampires

Cartoony Evolution Of Famous Vampires

Artist Jeff Victor's chart has a couple of famous vampires lined up in chronological order. It has some interesting choices (and some might miss the young Christopher Lee) but that's why it's a great piece. And I guess this makes it clear that no one can beat the creepy, silent Nosferatu from 1922.

Cartoony Evolution Of Famous Vampires

I hope I got them all correctly:

1922 - Nosferatu

1931 - Bela Lugosi

1972 - William Marshall aka. Blacula

1987 - Kiefer Sutherland from The Lost Boys

1992 - Lucy from Bram Stoker's Dracula

1996 - Salma Hayek from Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn

2002 - A reaper from Blade II

2008 - Eli from Let The Right One In

2008 - Twilight

2014 - Superhero-looking Dracula from Dracula Untold

The Evolution of the Movie Vampire by Jeff Victor [Blogspot, via GeekTyrant]


    Serious Gary Oldman.

      Yep. Granted Lucy looks awesome, and she was iconic too, it's just, well, Gary Oldman!

      It's still my absolute favourite adaption of Dracula. I've read the novel a million times by now, and no other film comes as close as Francis Ford Coppola's take. It hasn't aged a day, in my opinion, and the effects still look amazing. The score is still one of the greats too!

    Pedant's note. The word "couple" refers to two things only.
    There seems to be some gaps here. No Richard Roxburgh from Van Helsing, nor is there Leslie Nielson from Dracula: Dead and Loving it. I don't know if it's just movies because Alucard from Castlevania SOTN isn't there (Or Hellsing either). Rutger Hauer from the original Buffy movie isn't there either.

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    Wouldn't have been Blade himself more iconic than a reaper?

      After visiting the artist site, it seems like he was more trying to represent the different kinds of vampires that have appeared in film as opposed to just "iconic" ones. Though blade being a daywalker is admittedly different...

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