Cat Doesn’t Know Why It Keeps Playing Destiny Either

Cat Doesn’t Know Why It Keeps Playing Destiny Either

This feline is experiencing exactly the same compulsion I feel whenever Destiny comes on the screen.

Destiny isn’t a great game, but man Destiny is a great game. The story is all over the place when it’s there at all and the post-20 levelling mechanic is just plain odd, but no game this year grabs me quite so strongly. I can’t even load it up to check server status for a co-worker without running a few quick missions.

As the cat in the video below proves, that compulsion extends to the menu system as well.

Then again, ahappyfry’s Bungie profile quote is “smoke w33d everyday”, so maybe the cat’s just stoned.


  • I have the same problem. And I am only level 21.
    Its a grind getting a higher Level from here I can tell you!
    but I must play….

    • crucible and strikes bro but make sure you have bounties. fastest way to level up is to complete bounties.

  • Started a Warlock after hitting 29 with a hunter. With the amount of warlock stuff and exotics I have, I think I’ll be instant 23 when I hit 20. I’m trapped in this game again

  • It’s the obsession to get to 30 somehow. I have my Warlock up to 29, my Titan up to 24 and doing strike playlists so I can afford legendary gear from the Vanguard and my hunter is now 15. I might give it another couple of days and then go back to Skyrim and Dragon Age.

    Right now the game is extremely limited. There’s only a few exotics, missions and strikes are coming round in fairly quick rotation on the daily and weekly heroics and while the Crucible is good, it’s not hands down fantastic. The DLC just seems to promise a bit more of the same but we probably won’t see a massive change to how the game plays or what there is to do until Destiny 2 I reckon

  • Even though I’m predominantly a FPS player, I’ve barely touched the Crucible. Just having fun doing the strikes. I felt like it did seem to take a lot to get past level 25. The best way to do it is to fit in as many vanguard strikes and daily/weekly missions as possible whilst also doing the bounties. Motes of Light are only useful for buying exotic engrams from Xur, but you can rack them up a lot quicker than strange coins. I was lucky, got a helmet for my Titan on second engram purchase from Xur (it’s random, you may get an item for a different character class – bit of a bugger if you don’t have alternates). Once you’ve played the strikes a couple of times you work out how to get through them pretty quick (20-30m on solo, quicker if someone else joins) Vex Gate Lord and Archon Priest are particularly quick and easy on solo. Summoning Pits and Nexus Mind are really hard/tedious solo.

    Also, don’t waste ascendant shards on upgrading your armor items. I’m currently level 26 Titan, but could go straight to 28 with the number of shards I have. However, all my armor items are purples (except for the helm I got from Xur yesterday), and if I use the shards on purples I won’t have any to upgrade exotic armor when I get more of it.

    The only thing I haven’t done yet is the raid – mainly due to Bungie’s stupid insistence on not allowing public matchmaking for it (or Nightfall strikes).

  • Its the best farm game ever. A real solid 8 out of ten for me. But what an 8. Play it every day and love it haha.

    • Well, if you preordered the Destiny Digital Farming Edition, you’ll get:
      Expansion 1: The Farm Below; and
      Expansion 2: House of Loot

  • I’d love to hate Destiny but I like playing it too much. That said I stopped a few weeks back and I’m glad to be taking a break. The DLC will spark a renewed love/hate for the game I’m sure.

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