Clearly, This Is What Rock Simulator Should Have Been

Clearly, This Is What Rock Simulator Should Have Been

In Rolling Sun, you’re a rock. Well, technically, you’re a god whose avatar is a rock. Point is, you control a rock and solve physics puzzles in some really fancy environments, all the while unlocking new skills. See? Already better than Rock Simulator.

The game’s been in development for PC since 2012 in one form or another, receiving a trailer this February and arriving on Steam Greenlight just two days ago. There’s no release date set, but the project’s CryDev page estimates that it’s 90% complete. It certainly looks that way, even if you look at the February trailer:

Looks nice and mellow. Level art’s gorgeous, too. If you’re interested, you can download a rough, two-level demo from the CryDev page*, vote for the game to get greenlit here, or follow the developers on Indie DB. There’s also a few environment screenshots for you below.

*If you do get the demo, note that the game executables are in the Bin32 and Bin64 folders. Look for GameSDK.exe. As I said, rough!

Rolling Sun [Steam Greenlight]
Rolling Sun [Indie DB]


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