Community Review: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Community Review: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

I’ve been overseas at Blizzcon for the last four days so I haven’t had a chance to check out Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but it remains a game I’m strangely excited about. You’d think I’d know what to expect from Call of Duty by this point, but Advanced Warfare seems as close to a reboot as this series is gonna get, and I’m curious.

I’m keen to hear what everyone thought of it. From what I’m hearing the single player campaign features a handful of what could end up being Call of Duty ‘classics’. By that I mean those well scripted set-piece levels that are just super engaging to play through. Personally, I find that encouraging. I’d quite like to be surprised by a Call of Duty game again.

How about the multiplayer? In my short time with the multiplayer I found it to be quite Titanfall-esque, what with the double jumps and whatnot. It seems like more and more first person shooters are starting to experiment with movement. I heartily approve.

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  • I’m really enjoying Bayo 2. Just a step up in every way from Bayo 1. Platinum have really outdone themselves. Best Character Action game in forever.

    • I agree, the Bayonet has been greatly improved in Advanced Warfare. Move over COD Dog, the Bayonet is the new best friend.

  • I WOULD have played it, but I’ve spent the last two days downloading it – it’s HUGE.

    Thanks(!) Australian internet.

  • *nasally voice* Call of Duty is just a yearly expensive map pack that fools everybody into thinking they’re buying something worthwhile.


  • Bought it finally on the weekend, had fun with it.

    My experience with it after starting the game up jumped straight into multiplayer.
    Played Team Deathmatch and Domination – Enjoyed both as normal.
    Won some additional x2 xp time and ended up on level 23 by the end of the session.

    What I liked: All the sound effects – Sledgehammer have done an excellent job with the exo suits not because they feel blatantly overpowered but because they sound real, all the small rattles of the exo suit as you run it gives you that sense of immersion – the suites feel great – sluggish at first but then you realise you have infinite speed boosts and your actually way faster then you used to be – albeit the cost of your thumb-sticks getting clicked like a mad man.
    The Controls are always as tight as they normally are except you can feel the exo suit slightly altering(enhancing) your movements.

    There’s a lot more going on in this game – much more to think about – do I jump this building or do I go around and stick to cover, so it’s either I run and slide or stay back and snipe…

    What I didnt like:
    There was definitely some lag there – if it wasn’t me it was most certainly other players. there’s always someone in the lobby with red who you will see teleporting everywhere throughout the match. This game can have a lot going on at once and feels overly busy at times sometimes having a whole group of people in exo suites and guns on the smaller maps gets a little too chaotic.
    I also found playing this game straight after Destiny is good on all accounts bar melee – I found myself slowly shooting out the grenade instead of punching enemies so much it wasn’t funny (I should probably swap buttons though I dont feel the R3 stick works very for grenades or melee.

    But in the end it’s COD’s formula so you will unlock the stuff you want pretty quickly and then grind for fun rather then anything else.

  • game treats you like an idiot, Press F to do this, that and everything else, also, making you re-watch the opening cut scene of that mission every-time you re-load the game as since they seem to assume we are morons who are too stupid to remember stuff 3/11

    • Yeah, that’s the level loading, once the little bar in the lower right hand corner is full, you can skip…

      • for some reason for me it gets half way, stops loading, plays the rest of the cut scene then once cut scene is done playing the game continues loading

  • yeah even though the reviews are positive they were last year as well and ghosts was boring. I think I’m just over the hoorah military stuff.

  • Maps aren’t big enough!!!
    There isn’t even a range of size differences. With how much faster you can move around the map, I would have expected bigger maps.

  • Really enjoyed the campaign, but despite having some cool new toys to play with the multiplayer is still the same. Seems I’m sticking with Battlefield for my multiplayer.

  • I’m enjoying it so far. Haven’t played a COD since original CODMW on the 360. Thankfully it’s all coming back to me pretty quickly.
    LOVE the double jumping boosting mechanics. I imagine all FPS’s will be doing this from now on, so thanks Titanfall/Destiny.
    Have played nothing but MP since launch, am currently level 22 and am finding I’m actually able to compete which is pretty cool since I normaly get b1tched when i play MP.
    I think the 100’s of hours that I put in to the original modern warfare have translated in to a less steep learning curve.
    It looks great, sounds amazing and runs well ( when it’s not laggy ).

  • PC.

    I have done a bit of the SP. Standard COD fare, they really need to take these things off rails and actually give you some game play options. They also didn’t necessarily design the levels any differently than non exo suit COD. So you can just run and jump over people to the next check point worse than ever in some points.


    I have actually enjoyed it, played it a fair bit which is a change as I couldn’t stand MW3 and Ghosts MP. I played this more in two days than I did those games combined.

    Part of the pre-order gives me some bonus things. Atlas Gorge (remake of pipeline form COD4) and some infected mode. In the week while doing other stuff. I’ve left the game open for several hours in lobbies waiting for this. Never once has a game come up.

    Matchmaking and no server browser simply does not work on PC. It won’t even tell you if any one is playing that mode. It is ensuring the game will die on PC. This may work on consoles with a huge player base. Not on PC. Especially not in a small population country like Aus.

    You can get TDM, FFA, Domination fine. I only got groundwar once. Hardpoint you can also get. However everyone plays these the same(TMD) and so there’s little difference.

    As a result I am getting pretty over the game already. The maps are all decent but nothing stands out. They’re all quite circular in how you play and are too small. However not in a good nuke town way. They’re all kind of mid size. You’re constantly being shot in the back. Or in a gun battle and someone walks around a corner and kills you. This is typical of play.

    Also sound seems bad, you have little awareness anyone is behind you. No footsteps. I have read this kills modes like search and destroy,

    The game is also really inconsistent and laggy. Pings yo yo from one bar to full. What ever those mean. One match you’re playing and dominating. The next match you all of a sudden can’t hit anything and do terrible.

    Kill cams are frustrating as they constantly show different things than what you saw happen. Hit detection is also quite bad a times. This all constantly varies though.

    The exo suit and everything is fun, but the game feels like standard cod maps where someone has added this ability with a mod. They don’t feel designed with it in mind at all. There’s plenty of things you should be able to boost onto and can’t.

    It also isn’t polished. If you’re too close to some walls, your boosts are blocked by tiny bits of detail geometry on the wall. This clearly isn’t intentional. So a lot of walls you can’t stand next to and boost up. It just blocks you. Or other random things block you.

    It also has a ledge grab function which is woeful. Also some times you try and boost up and land on a roof and it just misses. Then you start to fall and all of a sudden you are standing on the tool. Quickly teleported.

    The whole system isn’t refined. It’s quite rough. If you’ve played Crysis 2 / 3 it’ll drive you made. These things were so smooth and natural in those games. Not in this. It really feels like an unpolished mod. Recently playing the Evolve Alpha also makes this feel clunky. I’m sure those that played a bit of titan fall will also have similar thoughts. It’s all quite rough. Which is a shame as we have played these abilities in refined forms.

    Also joining friends is broken on PC. I can be invited on steam. Can’t join. Joining in game doesn’t seem to work. Just before my mate invited me. I accept. it opens the game and then won’t join him. Then in game I can’t join. I have to go back to steam and click join. Then it works. Which has an extra layer of annoyance because you can’t alt tab and steam overlay only sometimes works.

    So yeah it’s a mess, not polished, but fun. The fun won’t last. Needs the lag fixed. It needs to drop matchmaking on PC and have server browsers. It also frankly needs more maps. It’s too repetitive.

    Also with the lag, you have all these defensive options. Shields, speed dodges and stuff which are mostely useless because of it.

  • The optimisation for pc is shithouse, for one we need to change the virtual memory of the game drive to he able to play it. And my god the load time, 2 minutes on ssd!!!. P2P is not good enough for multiplayer in this day and age

    • I don’t know about the virtual memory thing, but the load times are insane. When you change graphics settings in SP, it reloads the entire game again.

  • I haven’t played a CoD in a while, so I’m really liking it. The movement is great once you get used to it, but the extra mobility mixed with the instakill shooting mechanics makes it feel like even more of a deathfest. I’m probably just terrible though.

  • Game is a ton of fun on PS4.

    Lack of dedicated servers put me off double-dipping with a PC version.

  • Will admit, massive COD fan, have been since COD4. However, after a few hours of MP, getting to level 55, I hate the game.

    The ‘compensation lag’ is disgusting. Never have I played a game with such bad lad. I have three brothers each with a PS4 and we all took our copies back. It’s really sad because we all love COD, but we can’t tolerate massively dropped frames and inexcusable lag.

    Last year I tolerated Ghosts because the PS4 was new and so was the game engine. But they’ve had more than enough time to fix all the issues with the game, and there’s no reason why my PS4 should drop frames when I shoot one bullet from my gun when EA just ported Battlefield 4 to the iPad.

    There’s too many great games out these days to sit around and force ourselves to play half-assed, overpriced and under-delivered games like Advanced Warfare.

    Halo comes out tomorrow. That’ll be a much better way to spend my time.

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