Completing Borderlands With No Guns, Only Butt Slams

Completing Borderlands With No Guns, Only Butt Slams

One player is doing a Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel run with no guns or melee. Butt slams only. They’re challenging others to join them in this gleeful insanity.

Enterprising (and fittingly named) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel player Moonswirl Butts is attempting to play through the entire game using only their character’s meteorically crashing backside, and they’re video-ing their progress:

They even have a planned character build to maximise butt slamming efficacy.

They have put out the challenge to other players as well, suggesting that while their run isn’t the most serious thing ever, other players could make it a lot more gruelling. Here are the ground rules for making the earth quake in the wake of your chiseled cheeks:

Absolutely no kills with anything other than buttslams to enemies that can be hit by them. Avoid any enemy that won’t eventually land or get in a position for you to buttslam.

Melee is allowed only in Fight For Your Life.

Any boss that cannot be hit with buttslams, you’re allowed to defeat with guns.

No using your action skill or any of it’s modifiers to kill enemies. (Wolf and Saint, Vault Hunter.exe, Kinetic Aspis throw, etc)

Avoid sidequests involving you killing things you can’t buttslam. (Don’t Get Cocky, for example. The Prodgun mission is fine, though)

Bonus rule: Have fun, and don’t get too butt-hurt when you go into Fight For Your Life. Also, make sure you still loot good guns for those parts where you can’t slam to progress.

My own addition: you have to listen to the Space Jam theme song on repeat for the entire duration of your play through. Remixes are, mercifully, allowed (though frowned upon).

Think you’ll actually try this? Part of me wants to. I could launch the Borderlands Buttstream for those who want to follow along at home. I’m not sure if I’m joking anymore.