'Creepy' Pokémon Sure Makes For Wonderful Photoshops

This is Marshtomp. It's an evolved Mudkip, and the Pokémon didn't used to look this glazed over. Online in Japan, people are saying Marshtomp is "too creepy" (キモ過ぎる). That and they're making Marshtomp photoshops. Of course they are!

Here's how Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp.

Picture: DgmdngoF_KM01

In the past, Marshtomp looked different. Cuter, if you will.

Picture: nachi__015

Picture: yamitawa

It seems like with Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire out, many players are now noticing that Marshtomp looks like this. However, even in Pokemon X/Y, Marshtomp already seemed... odd.

Picture: Hizatsuki0108

Recently, online in Japan, people have been uploading 'shops under this tag: #ヌマクロークソコラグランプリ (or "Shit Marshtomp Photoshop Grand Prix). Let's have a look:

Picture: hb_phase2

Picture: ya_tomotomo

Picture: numanuma_kora

Picture: yptre

Picture: cubeym0520

Picture: Kosmos_Cosmos

Picture: biglove0e0

Picture: Seo_t

Picture: mijica_temijica

Picture: numa_kuro

Picture: mijica_temijica

Picture: Raichi2121

Picture: mao_mao_3

Picture: skdwm

Picture: otonashi971

Picture: Inarizushi1117

Picture: azm_sb_913v

Picture: anumimuna


    Every week, seriously, every week there's a new internet meme from Japan. It's like they have short attention spans, worse then America.

      theres new memes here too, but local memes dont get clicks

    I managed to find Wally in the Where's Wally picture. Couldn't find a Marshtomp in it, though. I'm starting to think that it isn't there at all and I've just been trolled into looking at an image for a few minutes.

      It's in there, bottom right hand corner, just put between 2 people wearing yellow, near where people are pulling stuff out of washing machines or dryers, not even hiding behind anything, lol,

      Last edited 29/11/14 4:35 pm

        Put a spoiler alert on that shit! :( I'd downloaded it to search for later!

        Last edited 29/11/14 5:45 pm

      I feel you. Same thing happened to me. Found Wally but couldn't find Marshtomp....

    I look forward to the Solid Omega Ruby and Liquid Alpha Saphire remakes in 10 years time where Swampert gets a meme to match his early forms.

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